Lash Lift Problem Solving

Lash Lift Problem Solving


Lash lifting not working? Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting! 

Lash lifting has become even more popular since lockdown, we are finding lots of our clients are ordering double or even treble the number of lash lifting products than they used to!

  • A lash lift treatment can be amazing if done correctly but a HOT MESS if not…
  • Having the correct lash lift training is essential, as it is quite a tricky treatment to perform.
  • When things go wrong, it can be quite alarming, but the good news is there is a solution to fix it!

Common lash lift problems and issues;

Lash Lift has not worked

This can be for a number of reasons for example; Not prepped & cleansed lashes thoroughly, too much lash adhesive used & this has caused a barrier, so the lash lift lotion cannot penetrate the natural lashes, not enough lash lift lotion has been applied & even the processing time chosen is not long enough. There has been talk about COVID 19 Vaccinations having caused lash lifting not to perform as well, we recommend leaving at least 2 x weeks between vaccination & lash lift treatment.

Only one eye has taken

Lashes & lotions have not been applied in the same way as the other eye, & your client’s eye may have watered throughout the treatment & which will affect the outcome.

Client’s eyes stinging throughout treatment

This is usually because the clients have slightly opened their eyes during the treatment & made their eyes sensitive & caused them to water. If this happens instantly wipe any of the lash lifting lotions away from the eye area & avoid making contact with the client’s skin. With careful application of lash lifting lotions this should not happen, please take your time when applying lotions do not RUSH! Always have a sterile eyewash to hand to bathe & wash the client’s eyes to prevent ongoing sensitivity.

Over-curled Lashes

This can be quite a confidence destroyer & make you feel slightly sick! But don’t worry there is a solution to fix this. But this does not mean rushing & not being careful throughout this treatment because there is a solution. Take your time & only do the job once correctly & professionally!

Here is a relaxing method for over-curled lashes we recommend; Prepare your client as if you were performing a lash lift, pop on eye gel pads to protect the bottom lashes, dampen your client’s lashes & comb through Step 1 lash lifting lotion & comb through the over-curled lashes for 3 x minutes & you will see the natural lashes relax, remove the Step 1 lotion & repeat with Step 2 again for 3 x minutes brushing the over-curled natural lashes. Cleanse with a damp cotton pad to ensure all lash lifting lotions are removed & apply AHFrancis Hydrating Essence for 5 x minutes. Remove with a damp cotton pad, remove eye gel pads, sit your client up & ask them to gently open their eyes & the over-curl lashes will have become straight & the problem is solved! They can then book in for another lash lift in 2 – 3 weeks. 

Wrong choice of lash lift shield size

This can be quite tricky when you first start lash lifting as to know what size is the correct size for your client. The wrong choice of shield can & will affect the lash lift outcome. Too large a shield will not give a lift at all if the client’s lashes are not long in the first place. Large shields are probably our least selling size of shields, Medium & M2 are our bestselling! Medium shields are most widely used on clients with medium-length lashes & M2 for medium to longer lashes. Small shields are used if your client has short, stubby lashes, years ago a lash roller would have been used, but as a company, we no longer sell lash perming rollers, only silicone lash lifting shields. 

Crisscrossing lashes

This will happen if you have not taken care when applying the lashes onto the lash lift shields. If the client’s eyes have watered throughout the lash lift treatment this can also make this happen, as our lash lift, the adhesive is water-soluble & watery eyes will remove the adhesive, re-positioning the lashes on the shield crisscrossing the lashes. Please be careful & ensure lashes are placed correctly & individually onto the lash lift shields, clumping or crisscrossing lashes & not being careful with this process will affect the outcome. 

The moral of the story is to;

  • Take your time 

  • Choose the correct size shield

  • Take time when applying lashes to the silicone shield,

  • Do not use too much lash adhesive

  • Use enough lash lifting lotion 

  • Choose the correct processing time 

  • Prep & cleanse the lashes thoroughly 

  • Take before & after photos & compare once treatment is completed

  • Remember to Patch test at least 48 x hours before any lash or brow treatment


Most Importantly ALWAYS be Professional & knowledgeable about your products & your treatments!


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2 thoughts on “Lash Lift Problem Solving

  1. Aisha says:

    I am training in lash lift at moment and I did my first yesterday and while the lash lift came out lovely, her eyes were a bit red from watering but also her bottom lashes had turned into her eye and I didn’t see until end! Have u seen this before and how do I prevent? I’m doing it on line and no support from ‘academy’ thank u

    • AHFrancisteam says:

      Hello, Aisha thankyou for your message I have emailed you please reply to this email I would love to help and support you. CST @ AHF Karen

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