Silicon Lash Lift Shields – Medium – 5 pairs per pack – re-useable

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Silicon Lash Lift Shields Medium x 5 pairs

AHFrancis Silicone Lash Lift Shields come in 4 x sizes: S, M, M2, & L

Small shield: Creates a lift even on the finest, tiniest natural lashes.

Medium shield: Creates a lift on medium to longer length lashes.

M2 shield: Creates a lift on longer lashes that may not be quite long enough for a large shield.

Large shield: Creates a lift on long lashes that are too long for a Medium or M2 shield.

Choosing the correct size lash lift shield can be quite confusing, we would always suggest going up a size than down a size in a lash lift shield.

The correct choice of the shield will guarantee you create a perfect lash lift…

Hints & Tips for applying our AHFrancis Lash Lift Silicone Shield:

  • Cleanse the client’s eyes using our AHFrancis Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser 
  • Apply eye gel pads to protect the bottom lashes
  • Remove the lash lift shield from the pack 
  • Warm the shield up between your finger & thumb to create a crescent shape
  • Gently apply the shield onto the client’s eyelid, not using any lash lifting adhesive just yet, we are just measuring to see what size shield to use
  • Ideally, we are aiming for the natural lashes to come up the silicone shield at least 50-60%
  • If the natural lashes are not covering 80-90% this means the lash shield is too small
  • Once happy with the correct choice of shield to use, trim either end of the silicone shield so it fits snuggly onto the eyelid
  • Now you are ready to apply lash lift adhesive onto the client’s eyelid from the lash line up to the crease and onto the back of the shield
  • Press firmly with your index & second finger to ensure the shield is firmly in place
  • Repeat this process & apply the silicone shield to the other eye
  • Now you are ready to start lifting the lashes onto the silicone shield


WATCH: How to Apply Your Lash Lift Shield

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