Our Online Eyelash Extension , Lash Lift and Eyebrow Lamination Courses

We know that many people find learning online efficient, fun, flexible and affordable. That’s why, at AH Francis, we’re pleased to offer a range of courses for eyelash technicians.

AHFrancis Rapid Volume Lashes

AHFrancis Rapid Volume Lash Course NOW £24.95!! (WAS £99.95)

AHFrancis ESD Eyebrow Lamination

AHFrancis – ESD iBrow Lamination Online Course NOW £24.95!! (WAS £99.95)

AHFrancis Lash Lift Course

AHFrancis Online Eyelash Lift Course NOW £24.95!! (WAS £99.95)

AHFrancis Foundation Eyelash Extension Course

AHFrancis Foundation Online Eyelash Extension Training Course NOW £24.95!! (WAS £99.95)