Frequently Asked Questions By Lash Therapists & Clients



“Will lash extensions damage the natural lashes?”

Yes, if eyelash extensions are not applied correctly. Using an incorrect lash length or curl that is too heavy for the natural lashes, incorrect usage of adhesive & poor isolation will all result in damage to the natural lashes.

Natural lashes can also be damaged if extensions are not removed by a professional & are ‘picked off by the client’.

“How long will the lash extensions last?”

A full set of lash extensions can last indefinitely providing that they are infilled every 14 – 16 days.

However, we recommend a complete removal at least every 6-9 x months with one week’s break & a full assessment of the natural lashes before applying a new set.

“How long should it take to put a full set of lashes on?”

We say at least 2 ½ – 3 hours for a new technician. But it also depends completely on what type of lashes & style you’re trying to achieve, even as a professional.

As a guide, an experienced lash technician will be able to apply a full set in approx 1½ – 2 hours.

“How much should I charge for infills?”

We recommend charging 50% of the original price; i.e. if a full set is £65, then an infill will be £32.50.

“How much time should I allow for an infill?”

We recommend an hour for an infill. Sometimes it will take less time but always allow this time so as not to rush.

“Does a full removal hurt?”

Yes, it can sting if the client opens their eyes during a removal and the technician is inexperienced with the removal process. Always have a sterile eyewash to hand.

“Why is a patch test necessary?”

A patch test is needed to ensure the client is not sensitive or has a reaction to the eyelash extension adhesive.

Not carrying out a patch test for every client may result in your insurance being invalidated.

“When should I patch test?”

Ideally, it should be carried out at least 48 x hours before carrying out the eyelash treatment. This will allow plenty of time for any potential adverse reaction to take place. If your client has had a break for over 3 x months we would recommend patch testing them again.

“Why should I perform a one-to-one consultation?”

The consultation is the most important part of the client’s journey. This is the time when you can discuss & manage your clients expectations, discuss eyelash extension maintenance & contraindications.

“How long does my glue last once opened?”

Your adhesive has a 3 x month shelf life once opened x 9 months unopened. Please make sure you replace the lid once opened.

“What if my client has a reaction?”

If your client has a reaction & can’t come into the salon, you must ask them to send over a picture so you can assess the reaction. Never offer medical advice or advise any medication. Advise your client to come to you for removal ASAP & then go to see their GP.

Please Note: Sadly, once a client has a reaction this can create a problem & could mean no more lashes.


Asked by clients


“How frequently will I need infills?”

We recommend every 14-16 days. Do not to allow the top up appointments to go longer than this as it could result in a complete removal & a full new set of lashes required.

“Can I wear mascara?”

Yes, but it must be a water-based mascara, not a waterproof one.

When removing makeup, they should ensure that they only use an oil-free eye makeup remover. Removers containing oil will affect the bonding of the lash extension adhesive.

“Can I have a shower tonight or on the day I have lashes applied?”

We do not recommend getting any water near or on the lashes for at least 2 hours after treatment. The client should refrain from swimming, using sunbeds, facials, saunas for 48 hours as well.

We would recommend wearing swimming goggles when taking a  shower.

They should also be careful when opening the dishwasher & oven doors as the steam will affect the bonding too.

“Can I wear contact lenses during the treatment?”

No. Contact lenses must not be worn during the treatment – please ask the client to wear their glasses to their lash appointment.

We do not recommend putting contact lenses back in for at least 2 hours after lashes have been applied.