Customer Retention & Loyalty…

 Customer Retention & Loyalty.


Customer Retention & Loyalty… How to Gain & Retain the Loyalty of your customers?

What is the definition of customer loyalty?

An ongoing positive relationship between you & your customer. 

Multiple positive interactions that build trust. 

Great customer service & support.

Value & respect, & form an emotional connection with your customer. 

Listen to your customers & look after them when things go wrong.

Have empathy towards your customers. 

Happy, contented customers will share their positivity & send more business your way, often, they share their positive experiences on social media, Trust Pilot reviews & word of mouth!
In our experience at AHFrancis we know that our loyal customers who we have nurtured & supported along their journey with us, tend to spend more & be less price-sensitive & stay with us because of fabulous high-quality products, & customer service & support. 
How to improve your customer service?

Value & respect your customers. 

Accept feedback, positive & negative. 

Learn & grow from negative feedback.

Respond to your customers promptly i.e. booking, purchasing, email enquiries etc. 

Welcome & nurture new & existing customers. 

Communicate with your customers & try & manage their expectations.


How do we keep our customers?
Think long-term, not short-term! 
We can often take it personally when our customers leave us after being loyal for so long, this can be for a number of reasons;

Customers do not feel valued anymore.

Tried somewhere new. 

Your client has re-located. 

Your client has lost their job. 


Ways to improve customer retention & loyalty;

Introduce discounts & loyalty programs.

Offer a referral scheme (refer a friend incentive).

Encourage clients to re-book their next appointment before leaving.

Set up a text messaging appointment reminder.

Help organise your customer’s appointments & reminders to make this less stressful for them & prevent no-shows for you!

Update your treatment & product menu. 

New product launch event.

Engage with your clients on social media & newsletters. 

Communicate at least twice a month & keep your customers updated. 

Remember Important customer occasions i.e. birthday, wedding, holiday’s, etc. & maybe offer a freebie treatment on these dates. 


REMEMBER: It is so easy to take your customers for granted & their attachment to you, but this really isn’t enough to keep them forever. You will need to review your business, your brand & re-invest in yourself, re-train, upskill, & refresh yourself! 
Reigniting your love & passion for your business will be infectious! 




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