Lash aftercare = Healthy, Happy Long lasting lashes!

Lash aftercare


At AHFrancis we constantly get our gorgeous Lash Techs asking for advice & support.

We love to share our lash passion & knowledge!

Today we are going to chat through Lash Extension Aftercare & Lash Retention…


When our clients come into the salon, they just want to look good & feel fabulous.

They are not thinking about the maintenance issues that go hand in hand with Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a way of life, & I am sure many of you lash techs that wear have them know this.

It is best to talk aftercare through with your lash clients while performing their patch test, so they are aware of the commitment that is needed to keep their lashes looking fabulous, long after their lash appointment.

Also, ask your clients to avoid touching their lash extensions as much as this can eye infections!

Offer them a little disposable lash combs/brushes & disposable mascara wands, for them to brush their lash extensions when they feel it is needed. 

 We offer these products in 50-piece packs & they are great value, to be able to add to your lash extension product cost!



Here are a few pointers that you need to talk to them about & advise them

on their LASH EXTENSION aftercare:

Straight after lash extensions application please ask them to avoid any contact with water, steamy saunas, sun beds, gym classes, etc. for at least 24 x hours.

AS too much moisture can affect the bonding of the Lash Extensions & cause the Lash extensions to clump & feel very uncomfortable.

We recommend that you always take before & after images of your client’s lashes, after their appointment with you, just in case you get any complaints saying their lashes have fallen out

or got clumpy due to them not adhering to the after-care advice given to them at their appointment.



Here are a few hints & tips to share with your clients:

1. Avoid oily eye makeup, like Khol eyeliners on or near the lash extensions.

2. Avoid oily eye makeup removers on or near the lash extensions.

3. Avoid water-proof mascara on the bottom lashes as this will not come off with water, it requires an oily makeup remover to remove.

4. Wear water-based mascara if needed, as this will come off easily with water or a non-oily-based eye makeup remover. Use a damp cotton bud to remove any eye makeup rather than a cotton pad as the fibres can get caught in the lash extensions.

5. We recommend retailing your clients one of our AHFrancis Foaming Brow/Lash Cleansers & Brush duos. We recommend they cleanse their lash extensions every other day with these products to avoid any oily residue, dead skin cells or makeup build-up.

6. Clean lash extensions are happy healthy lash extensions, & they do last longer. Cleaning your lash extensions will make them more comfortable & offer greater lash longevity.

7. If lash extensions are not cleaned regularly, you run the risk of attracting Lash Mites, (Demodex).

 This can cause blocked follicles & lash irritation. This can lead to more serious eye infections & possibly such sensitivity & irritation that your client may not be able to have lash extensions anymore!!

8. Please ensure you go through all the aftercare on the patch test appointment & once you have applied the lash extensions again just to recap on the After Care lash RULES!!!


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