The Perfect Lash Lift…

The Perfect Lash Lift


Lash Lifting – IS SO ON TREND RIGHT NOW! – so here is how to create the Perfect Lash Lift

Since lockdown at AHFrancis we have definitely noticed that lash lifting has become an even more popular beauty treatment. 

Due to its low maintenance & wow factor results!

Some clients became quite feral during lockdown & no longer want or need high-maintenance treatments like eyelash extensions & are opting for a lash lift instead!

Not sure if you all know that Lash Lifting has been around for years…

Lots of people still get confused with lash perming & lash lifting.

The difference is Lash Lifting can create a beautiful, gentle lift to the natural lashes, really opening the eyes using a Silicone Lash Lift Shield!

Lash Perming can create a much tighter curl rather than a lift, using a perming rod instead of a Silicone shield, this treatment has definitely been super-seeded by Lash Lifting!

This AMAZING treatment is a huge favorite with many lash techs & their clients – it is so effective, impactful & really creates the WOW factor…

We offer lash lifting lotions in our original sachets & now also in pump bottles.

Our new revised processing times are between 7 – 10 minutes on the sachets & 5 – 8 minutes on the pump bottles.

No more faffing with your lash curlers this wake-up & go treatment is just AMAZING for busy lifestyles!


The perfect client for lash lifting;

  • Clients with short, sparse lashes¬†
  • Busy lifestyles¬†
  • Low maintenance clients¬†
  • Gym bunnies¬†
  • Achieving the natural lash look¬†
  • Clients not suitable for eyelash extensions¬†
  • Blonde fair lashes¬†

Hints & Tips


Step 1: Client consultation – assess their natural lashes & decide which Silicone Lash Lift Shield to use.

You will need to determine processing times, this does depend on the quality, thickness & volume of the natural lashes.

Step 2: Patch test your client at least 48 x hours prior to a lash lift treatment, to do this apply Step 1 & Step 2 lotions on the crook of the client’s arm including a tint & for extra safety apply behind one ear as well.

Step 3: Check if there are no contraindications & fill out the client’s Health & Safety record.

Step 4: Chat through the lash lifting process & possible results ensuring you can manage your client’s expectations.



  • Silicone Shield Placement – These can be quite tricky to fit, practice does make perfect so do take your time, the lash lift shield needs to fit neatly along the lash line with no gaps. Make sure you measure the shield to fit snuggly onto your client’s eyelid, trimming the lash lift shield if needed for the perfect fit if needed. Apply Lash Lift Adhesive directly onto the client’s cleansed & prepped eyelid & onto the back of the lash lift shield & press firmly.
  • Applying lashes to the shield – This again is a very tricky process, take your time as this will affect the outcome of the lash lift if lashes are applied to the shield in a rush, resulting in a messy lash lift! Apply tiny sections of the lash lift adhesive, not at the base of the shield, but halfway up the lash lift shield, as applying to the base can cause a barrier & prevent lash lift lotions from working! We suggest using AHFrancis lash lift pics to pull the lashes up onto the lash lift shield & press firmly with your finger or thumb to make sure the lashes are secured onto the shield. Remember to avoid attaching baby lashes onto the shield as they are still in an active growth stage.
  • Applying Step 1 & Step 2 Lash Lift lotions – We recommend using a Microfibre or Lash tinting brush to apply the lash lift lotions. Make a template by applying a line 1/2 to 3/4 up the shield with your lotions & generously apply the lash lift lotions down to the lash line 0.5 – 1mm away from the lash line to avoid touching the skin or causing any sensitivity. Avoid applying the lotions to the tips of the lashes as these are fine & can kink.
  • Processing Times – 7 – 10 minutes depending on the client’s natural lashes. We use the same processing time for both Step 1 & Step 2 Lash Lift lotions.
  • Hydrating Essence – Once the lashes have been cleansed & all lotions have been removed but the lashes are still on the Silicone Shield, apply our Hydrating Essence using a Microfibre brush to the lashes & leave for 5 minutes. Once processed use your lash pic to gently push the lashes off the shield & using a damp cotton pad gently push behind the lash lift shield to release. Give your clients a damp cotton pad to gently remove any sticky residue of lash lift adhesive/lotions
  • Now you’re ready for lash tinting – Tint as usual, top & bottom lashes, then after the tint has been removed, apply the Hydrating Essence for another few minutes to condition & close the hair cuticles, for the perfect finish!



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