What’s best Pre-made Fans or handmade?


Pre-made Fans Vs Handmade

With all of the changes in the world over the past 3 x years, what with the Pandemic, Cost of Living Crisis & general downturn, It’s now the time to stop beating yourself up & think you are ‘Cheating’ as a lash technician

by using Pre-made Fan lashes! 

Be kind to yourself… & Love what you do! Life is tough enough!

Pre-made Volume Fans have come such a long way from when they were first introduced into the lash industry over 5+ years ago.

When they first came out they were quite thick on the base & there was not much choice in curls or volume. 

Now, they are just fabulous! Super-fine, heat-bonded stems. You really cannot tell the difference between Russian hand-made fans & super high-quality Pre-made Russian Volume Fans.

We hear all of the time ‘My clients want them thicker & fuller! What can I offer them?” 

We recommend Pre-made Volume Fans on a daily basis & our customers just ADORE them & buy more & more & wish they had tried them before!


The Pro’s of Pre-made Fans:

  • Glamorous, volume lashes in a super-quick time!
  • Brilliant choice of curls, lengths & thicknesses
  • Easier & faster to apply
  • Super lightweight
  • Superb lash longevity
  • Can be infilled
  • Low product cost 
  • More salon revenue
  • Attract more clients
  • No damage to lashes if applied correctly
  • A full set of lashes can be applied within 1.5 hours

The Con’s of Handmade Fans:

  • Very time consuming
  • Really takes a lot of practice to master the technique
  • You will need to charge more for your time 
  • A full set of handmade Russian volume can take up to 3 x hours to apply











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