How do we handle no-shows & last-minute CANCELLATIONS?


It’s one of my pet hates!!

No SHOWS or Late Cancellers!!
I am not sure why our clients treat us beauticians & lash techs this way. And they think it is ok not to value our time!
Sometimes I think they are the only people with a diary.
Is this beginning to ring alarm bells & sound familiar??
Well, let’s all make a stand & get things working in the way that we will begin to feel valued & empowered business owners.
How about some simple procedures we can put in place:
When they call or text us a few minutes before their appointment & cancel or give a lame excuse. 
We need to feel confident in our response.
 By replying with an automatic message quoting our salon policies.
(When they first come for their consultation with you, this is something that you should have made them aware of, but as the clients become very familiar the boundaries become blurred!!!) 
It happens to us ALL!

Here are a few pointers to help you alleviate the Stress & Awkwardness if & when the situation arises:

• Give them 1 x chance, as things can happen out of their control.

• No more chances, Send them your Ts & Cs.

• No Shows.

• Charge them if they do not show up, at least 50%-75% of their treatment cost.

• Absolutely make them aware of your Policies during their treatment.

• Create an SMS service sending appointment reminders.

• We recommend sending this at least 24 x hours before their appointment.

• And even the night before their appointment follow up with a Whats App or email message.

• Add all your salon Ts & Cs & policies onto the bottom of your salon price list online & in-house in your salon.

• Take a non-refundable 50% deposit upon booking their appointment with you.

• Making your clients aware early on in your relationship with them will make things easier & avoid confrontation.

• No of us like to be tough & carry out things that we don’t like having to do.

• But business is business & your need to be taken seriously!

• Make your team in the salon aware of how to implement your salon policies too.

• Have Team meetings before work & keep them updated with what your policies are.

• Help them if they find it difficult or are maybe a bit shy to be confident & value themselves & your business.

• We are here to help & support you if & when you need us.


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