Lash Lift Hydrating Essence – Nourishing Lotion

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This Lash Lift Hydrating lotion works as a conditioner at the end of a Lash Lift treatment to close the hair cuticle & rehydrate the natural lashes.

This Lash Lift Hydrating lotion really helps when applied to the lashes while on the lash lift shield, after Steps 1 & 2 have been processed & been removed, it breaks down the lash lift adhesive & helps release the lashes of the lash lift shield ready for tinting.

We recommend applying using a Microfibre Brush & apply underneath & on top of the natural lashes again, once lash tinting has been completed, to ensure lash hydration.

This lash-lifting nourishing lotion will help close the cuticle, and condition, protect & rehydrate the natural lashes.

A must-have for lash lifting:

  • Lash Lift  Hydrating Nourishing lotion
  • Restores Moisture to lashes
  • Seals the lash cuticle 
  • Hydrates the natural lashes
  • Speeds up lash removal from the shield
  • Professional use only

WATCH: How to apply Hydrating Essence

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