PBT Eyelash Extensions – What are they?


PBT Eyelash Extensions


PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) is a synthetic semi-crystalline engineered thermoplastic.

It is a high-performance material with a high molecular weight & is known for being a strong, flexible & resistant plastic.What are the benefits of our eyelash extensions being made of this material?

PBT, can mimic & create natural-looking eyelashes; soft, glamorous & glossy!

PBT has the least chance of causing any allergic reactions, compared with other eyelash extension materials.

PBT is Animal & Cruelty-Free!

We have all heard of mink lashes, haven’t we?
There are companies out there claiming they use real Mink which horrifies many of us!
We can assure you, our finest lashes are Faux Mink.
Faux Mink are designed to look & feel super soft as if they were really Mink. They are super-fine, soft & silky!
They really hold their curl due to the double-heated process, which make the PBT material very durable!
They offer great lash longevity, they do not twist or break!

This PBT material is just Fabulous for making eyelash extensions…



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