Starting Your Beauty Business!

starting your beauty business


When starting your beauty business creating a vision is so important…

Where you aim when starting your beauty business  business, what you want to achieve, work balance, goals & budgets.
Understanding all of the above will take time, & believe me after being in the Beauty Business for many many years I still make mistakes!
When I train our students I tell them what not to do, & I listen to myself & have a chuckle.
 Because I do not always practice what I preach!
Being in the Beauty Business we generally like people & like making them look good & feel fabulous.
So in essence we are people pleasers!

Getting an understanding of your beauty business does help:

• Creating a lovely space
• Creating a welcoming environment
• Recruiting the right staff
• Making sure the salon is always clean & tidy
• Be a part of the team
• Don’t just be the BOSS
• Research products & try them on yourself first
• Believe in what you use in the salon
• Believe in what you retail
• Choosing the best training providers
• Book onto Refresher courses


Book time out with your staff to check in & talk to them about your vision.

See if they have anything to input?

Give yourself time to recharge your batteries & organize yourself. It is so easy booking yourself with back-to-back appointments, but long term this is not sustainable.
You do need to have a break, eat & refresh yourself.
Having boundaries & plans in place from the beginning will really help, & your staff & clients will know where they stand.
Being kind & caring does not mean making yourself vulnerable!!
Remember you are strong & you will succeed!
Being a business owner can be very tough but it can also be so rewarding. Especially when you look back to where you started a few years on!!

Good luck you deserve to be proud of yourself for taking this HUGE STEP into the world of BUSINESS!



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