Positive Mindset – In the Workplace


As a business owner, it’s really hard to understand why our Staff do not think the way we do…


We have to understand they never understand until they own their own business.

They don’t have the day-to-day worry, not only the financial but the stress of running & owning a business.

We need to set goals & targets for our staff to encourage them to grow our business & their confidence.

There will always be a tricky therapist or staff member that can be challenging, but let’s talk about ways we can overcome this.

Not everyone is going to get on with everyone, and people’s work ethics can be so different.

Trying to see the best in people is quite hard when you are worried about your business.


Here are a few Tips for Team Building:

• Weekly Team Meetings
• Setting Goals for Re-Booking Appts
• Offering Incentives for Product Sales
• Team Bonding – Training/Refresher days
• Recognition
• Appreciation
• Check in on your staff Well Being
• Happy Staff = a happy workplace
• Creating a nice calm staff room
• Providing fresh healthy snacks & beverages

Be kind & thankful to your staff & this should be repaid with integrity & loyalty.

We know many businesses have struggled over the past 2 years, but now it’s time to get a positive approach & believe in yourself & your business.

Shout about what you are good at! Share your Passion!


Positivity rubs off so SHARE it!

Negativity is not welcome in your workplace!

Having a positive mindset does work wonders!


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