Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Treatments – What are they?

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Treatments
Loved By charlie_metcalfehair Charlie loves waking up feeling wide-awake, loving the ‘Get up & Go look’ As a busy glamorous Mummy & salon owner finding ‘Me’ time can be a challenge! Choosing a low-maintenance treatment like a lash lift & brow lam has been a real game changer for her!



Want to ‘get up & go’ with gorgeous, lifted, dark lashes & groomed brows without any fuss? 

No more faffing with mascara lash curlers & brow products that do not work!

Say goodbye to black smudgy eyes & clumpy mascara!


Let us share our trending lash & brow treatments with you…

Number 1 –

It’s a lash lift treatment! Which is such a fabulous, simple & easy lash treatment approximately a 1.15 hr appointment time.

A lash lift treatment is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, and the results can last up to 6-8 weeks!


Number 2  –

It’s a Brow-lamination treatment approx 40 x minute treatment.

These treatments can be teamed together & shorten the treatment time…


What are Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Treatments?

Lash lifting is a semi-permanent treatment that lifts & curls your natural eyelashes. 

Creating lovely lifted natural lashes from flat straight lashes to gorgeous glamorous lifted lashes.

Applying a tint after the lifting process will create the best results, creating a wide-eyed youthful look.

Lash lifting results can be mistaken for eyelash extensions, however, no maintenance is required.

Unlike eyelash extensions where infills are required regularly to keep your lashes looking fab!

You can just re-book & have your lashes lifted again in approx 6-8 weeks. 

TIP: Having a tint in between your next lash lift appointment freshens up the lift.


Brow-lamination works the same way as a lash lift except it repositions the brow hairs exactly where you would like to put them.

Creating lovely groomed brows! It’s a fabulous treatment for fine, sparse & unruly coarse brow hairs.

It’s a great add-on treatment that only adds 15 mins onto to your lash lift appointment.

Lash techs & beauty salons are offering these duo treatments so much more now, as lash lifting & brow lamination are so on trend! 

The products used break down the disulphide bonds in the natural hair using Step 1 lifting lotion & then connecting them back together using Step 2 fixing lotion

This is how the repositioning happens for brow hairs & natural lashes lashes are lifted. 

AHFrancis lash & brow lift system offers a perfect dual-purpose product that lifts Lashes and brows!

Great products that work perfectly on both lashes & brows. 

Offering a Brow Lamination treatment while you are performing a lash lift really works!


Lash lifting & brow-lamination has 5 x steps to be followed;

1. Prepare lashes & brow for treatment, using foaming lash & brow cleanser.

Apply under Eye gel Pads to protect the bottom lashes during a lash lift & pop some barrier cream around the brow skin area to protect from lotions during processing when lamination brows.


2. Apply the lash lift shield to the eyelid & use a brow lift adhesive or balm to stick the lashes to the shield when lash lifting.

Brow lamination uses the same products to reposition the brow hairs in a place where you would like them to stay, pre-lotion application.


3. Apply step 1 lifting lotion using a microfibre brush process for 5-7 minutes depending on the natural lash & brow hairs.

Remove all products once processed with dry cotton buds.


4. Repeat the process using Step 2 fixing the lotion. The same processing time is used for Step 1


5. Once processing times are completed & all products are removed the tinting & brow shaping process can be done.

Make sure you apply your tint before waxing or threading your brows.

We tint off the lash lift shield to ensure the bottom lashes are tinted at the same time.

A nourishing sealer can be applied to lashes to nourish & condition them after tinting.

A brow balm is applied to the brow to hold them in place for 24 x hours post-treatment.



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