Resources for Lash Tech Businesses – Make More in 2024!

Resources for Lash Tech Businesses – Educate your lash clients in 2024 – Earn more salon revenue retail & upsell to your lash clients!

Resources for Lash Tech Businesses


FREE Resources for Lash Tech Businesses  & your client!

Educating your lash & brow clients will be a game changer in 2024 not only will it benefit you as a lash tech it will also encourage your lash & brow clients to take responsibility!

As lash techs we know how important aftercare is, sadly we cannot police our clients once they leave the salon.

Even though we have gone through the ‘do’s & don’ts’ pre & post care for every lash lift, brow lamination, or eyelash extension treatment our clients don’t always listen, they are just super-excited about their lashes & brow transformation.

To prolong the client’s lash or brow treatments there is always an aftercare protocol & if this is followed it will always extend & offer longevity.

Why not start in 2024 retailing single or multiple lash products to your clients?

Make an aftercare kit for your clients to purchase, here are some of our best-selling retail products below;

Foaming Brow & Lash Wash plus Cleansing Brush



As we know many clients come to their appointments with a full face of makeup including eye makeup, even though we advise them not to!

We recommend using a non-oily eye makeup remover & then applying the Foaming Cleanser to remove any eye or brow makeup.

It is formulated to be oil-free & perfect for normal skin types, ideal for lash & brow prepping!

We recommend our clients cleanse their lashes/brows every other day to remove any residue & dead skin cells.


How to Apply:

  • Use a damp¬†Brow & Lash Cleansing Brush
  • Pump a small amount of Foaming Cleanser onto the back of your hand or directly onto the client‚Äôs lashes ensuring their eyes are closed throughout
  • Using a damp Lash & Brow cleansing brush, work the FOAMING CLEANSER in circular motions onto the lashes or brows, depending on the treatment
  • Remove any residue of the FOAMING CLEANSER with damp cotton pads & blot dry with soft tissue, before you begin your lash or brow treatment
  • Removes any oily residue
  • Dead skin cells
  • Great to retail to your clients ‚Äď to keep their lashes fresh, clean & healthy
  • Can be used on full sets of lashes & for infill appointments
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Not tested on animals¬†
  • Great Value 50ml bottle¬†
  • Made in the UK


Lash Sealer 7ml ‚Äď C2 Clear Exclusive Formula



Our C2 clear lash sealer contains Teflo-R, a strong bonding agent that when used will increase eyelash extension retention!

Recommended for use every other day by your clients to keep their eyelash extensions glossy & improve lash longevity.

The basic function of an eyelash extension sealer is to form a barrier to protect any elements that can break down the bond of the eyelash extension glue.

The barrier caused by the eyelash extension sealer repels moisture, oil & grime, It also protects the lash extension glue bond, & eyelash extensions.

We recommend waiting for a few minutes after you have finished your lash application & brush the lash sealer/bonder onto the eyelash extensions sparingly.

Dab any excess lash sealer/lash bonder onto your couch roll or tissue before applying it to the completed eyelash extensions, to reduce excess moisture. 

We recommend retailing an eye Lash Sealer to your clients to use every 2-3 days to keep their eyelash extensions looking fabulous & to retain lash longevity!


What’s to LOVE?

  • Promotes eyelash extension longevity¬†
  • Clear, non-sticky formula¬†
  • Quick Drying
  • Adds flexibility to tour chosen eyelash extension adhesive
  • Protects the lash bond from oils, moisture, humidity & grime
  • Retail to your clients to use at home in between treatments¬†
  • Vegan Friendly¬†
  • Not tested on animals¬†
  • Made in the USA
  • Shelf-life 1 year
  • Promotes healthy lashes¬†
  • Team it with your favourite¬†Lash Adhesives¬†
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Lash Lift ‚Äď Nourishing Oil/conditioner¬†




Lash Lift ‚Äď Nourishing Oil works as a conditioner at the end of a Lash Lift treatment ‚Äď closes the hair cuticle & rehydrates the natural lashes‚Ķ

Lash Lift ‚Äď Nourishing Oil helps when applied to the lashes while on the lash lift shield, after lash lift lotions have been removed, it breaks down the lash lift adhesive & helps release the lashes of the lash lift shield ready for tinting.

We recommend our clients apply this product using a Microfibre Brush, apply underneath & on top of the natural lashes to ensure lash hydration & condition every other day to enhance their lash lift & brow lamination. 

A must-have for lash lifting:

  • Lash Lift Nourishing Serum
  • Restores Moisture to lashes
  • Seals the lash cuticle¬†
  • Hydrates the natural lashes
  • Retail to your clients



Lash/Brow Lifting Adhesive/Glue Balm 


This NEW Lash/Brow Lifting product is designed to be used for both lash & brow lifting. 

We recommend our clients use this product daily to enhance & condition their brows after a brow lamination treatment.

Unlike our original 3D Lash Lift Adhesive/Glue the balm does not dry out.

This Lash/Brow Glue Blam makes it possible to re-position lashes or brow hairs if positioned incorrectly.

Treat your clients to a nourishing, hydrating treatment whilst their lashes or brows are being lifted! 

Lash/Brow Lifting Adhesive/Glue Balm contains a unique formula of conditioning ingredients.

Coconut, olive, Jojoba oils, and aloe for easy absorption into the lash & brow hairs

Ensuring healthy, hydrated lashes & brows!

  • No sticky residue¬†
  • Faster Application
  • Water-soluble
  • Easily removed¬†
  • Shelf life once opened x 12 months
  • Approximately 60 ‚Äď 80 applications
  • Strawberry scented
  • Hydrates lash & brow hairs during treatment
  • Apply using a¬†disposable microfibre brush¬†or¬†brow lamination brush¬†
  • No mess or stringy consistency¬†
  • Dual-Purpose
  • Vegan Friendly¬†
  • Not tested on animals¬†
  • Retail to clients

How to Apply: 

We recommend applying this Lash/Brow Lift Balm with a Microfibre brush or brow lamination brush

    1. Using your lash lift pic or brow lamination brush position the brow or lash hairs in the desired position
    2. Position in an upward direction ensuring correct isolation 
    3. Continue following our lash lift procedure 



Disposable Brushes & Combs x 50 Piece Pack


Our Disposable Brushes & comb combo can be used while applying eyelash extensions & for clients, aftercare to ensure there are no stickies & to ensure eyelash extensions have bonded to the natural lash.

Once the eyelash extension treatment is completed you can give your client their own special brush & comb combo to use at home & promote an aftercare regime.

We recommend retailing this product for your clients to use daily after a lash or brow treatment to keep their lashes & brows groomed. 


These are a must-have for any lash technician

  • Used during lash application

  • Retail to clients for aftercare
  • Ensures perfect Isolation

  • No lash stickies

  • The brush is perfect for lashes & brows

  • High-quality

  • 50 x pcs in pack


Glittery Disposable Mascara Wands ‚Äď Pack of 50 x




Gorgeous Glittery Mascara Wands ‚Äď a perfect little gift to give your clients to make them feel special!

We recommend retailing this product for your clients to use daily after a lash or brow treatment to keep their lashes & brows groomed. 

A must-have to keep client’s eyelash extensions neat & tidy, perfect for brushing through eyelash extensions, brows & lashes that have had a brow lamination or lash lift treatment.

Ideal for Brow Lamination, Lash Lifting, and eyelash Extension treatments.


Please note the color of the wand packs may vary
  • Disposable

  • Must-have for lash technicians

  • Retail to your clients
  • Synthetic Bristles

  • 10cm long glitter handle

  • 3cm bristled head Vegan Friendly¬†

  • Not tested on animals

  • High-quality


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