Lash Techs: ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ for 2024!



It’s a New Year and new rules!!

Why do you feel you can’t charge for no-shows or late cancellations? Is it because you are scared of losing clients?¬†

You shouldn’t be afraid of losing clients because you are running a business & have staff costs, product costs & salon outgoings!

If your clients are worth keeping they will understand & value your time. 

Why not update your T&Cs for 2024 & not keep having to justify yourself as you’ve done in the past?

Being able to make yourself understand that you are running a business to make money & love your job can be difficult, so read on for more business hints & tips & self-care, you are worth it!!


Charging for no-shows or late cancellations 

This will help cover your staff costs, utility bills, salon rent & product costs you may have incurred for the loss of this appointment.

Enforcing these charges should help clients understand that they need to value you & your business. 

Clients need to be aware it works both ways… you need to look after & respect each other to create a loyal, long-standing relationship!

It is also a good way to get rid of constant re-offenders who will always have an excuse!

Sending out your new revised T&Cs with every appointment confirmation will make your life easier & less stressful going forward!


Charging for a no-show or late cancellation 

No-show or late cancellation charges are pretty standard now, certainly since COVID-19 the beauty industry has had to toughen up! 

We have heard from a lot of our customers at AHFrancis Lashes Limited that their clients seem to not value their time as they used to pre-covid, whether this is due to lack of funds, or realising they can live without some beauty treatments that were habitual pre-covid!

Remember your time & expertise are of value! So let’s reinforce to all of our lash and brow clients how important you are!!

Your time & effort need to be compensated, you are running a business it’s not a hobby!

If they did not show up at their dental appointment they would be charged!


Don’t keep chasing money!¬†

Using a card reader rather than waiting for a BACS transfer is a good addition in 2024!

We all know how many clients never seem to have cash anymore & promise to do a BACS transfer as soon as they get home & weeks later you are still chasing them!

Not only does this cause you awkwardness & stress it’s eating into your time & product cost.¬†

If you are a mobile lash tech or a salon owner there are various card readers on the market with very competitive rates. 


Don’t be afraid of competition!

We can all feel insecure in our businesses from time to time. With the huge impact Social Media has in the lash & beauty business, it is ok to feel insecure, overwhelmed & not good enough. 

Let’s go into 2024 leaving these bad feelings behind, it’s a new year & it’s a new you!¬†

Let’s focus on the positive, where you started, where you are now, and what you have achieved, take a moment to think about this & be proud of yourself!¬†

Competition is healthy, it’s inspiring & can make you up your game & learn something new.¬†

You have built your client base & you need to nurture it! 

There is always a natural shedding of clients due to the financial climate, moving home & changes in personal circumstances, this is not a reflection on you.

Growing your business organically & having referrals offers greater integrity & loyalty than growing your business too fast & attracting transient clients that you will not keep!

Slowly, attracting & building a good client database is the way forward & it will ensure you look forward to seeing your clients & loving what you do!

Competition is good & not something to be afraid of! Believe in yourself & be PROUD of who you are & what you stand for!


Charge what you are worth & don’t apologise for it!¬†

Understanding that you have to convince yourself of your value before convincing your client.

Ask yourself some tough questions:

Do you believe you are worth what you are currently charging? 

Are the products you use the best?

What makes you stand out from your competitors? 

What is your USP?

How is your customer service?

Have you upskilled lately? 

Are you on trend?


Knowing what to charge – here are a few key factors to consider;

  • Your experience¬†
  • Your qualifications¬†
  • Your training¬†
  • Your professionalism¬†
  • Value of your services¬†
  • Product brands used & costs
  • Market research in your area¬†
  • Mobile or salon-based¬†
  • Treatment times¬†
  • Staff & salon costs
  • Your revenue goals

Finally, believe in yourself & your business!


Self-belief – what is it? Believing in yourself is the KEY to success!

It is having the confidence to make a change & adapt; being able to improve & compromise, be willing to grow & tackle your strengths & weaknesses.

Believing in yourself includes;

  • Self-trust
  • Self-worth
  • Self-confidence

There are various reasons why we can lack confidence, past experiences, fear of failure, and self-doubt! 

Remember that believing in yourself is a process & needs to be nurtured & not taken for granted. 

We all know managing clients’ expectations, life challenges & negative thinking can set you back!

Recognising these thoughts & situations can really affect your self-esteem & confidence. 

Reflect on the positives;

  • Lovely client feedback
  • Amazing results
  • Referrals¬†
  • Running your own business
  • Achievements¬†
  • Being you!
  • Believing in yourself
  • Trust yourself
  • Self-worth & belief is contagious!¬†



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