Trending Lashes 2024!

Trending Lashes 2024!

YY & W lashes are still relatively new to the lash industry…

We always welcome the introduction of new style lashes.

It’s so good to have a new trend & change things up a little, YY & W lashes create a soft fluffy, voluminous look.

As with any new lash trend, we were a little apprehensive.

We were not sure whether our lash techs & their clients would like them, as so many lash techs make their own Russian volume fans or are using pre-made volume lashes.

But to our relief lash techs & their clients love the YY & W lashes and tghis is why they are our trending lashes for 2024!!


How do we describe YY & W-shaped lashes?

As its name suggests the lashes are in the shape of the letter Y or W. The YY & W-shaped lash has 3-4 single lashes that are bonded together to create a very soft fluffy crisscross lash effect.

A very useful style lash that bridges that gap between classic & volume lashes.

A hugely popular lash loved by many lash techs. They are available in C & D curls and 0.07 thickness.

We recommend using the lash dipping method to apply these lashes, not the coating & bonding method you would use for classic lashes as this would close the lash fan.


Application Method

The lash dipping method consists of applying a tiny bead of Extreme Lash or Fastlash. Holding your Deep-angled V Tweezers at a 90-degree angle, making sure that you are only dipping the base of your pre-made volume fan, YY, or W lash into your chosen fast set lash adhesive using a Jade Stone & a Large Glue Dot. 


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