Lash & Brow Botox – What is it?

Lash & Brow Botox

Lash & Brow Botox is the latest Innovative treatment/product for post lash & brow lifting treatments…

It is the perfect retail product for your clients to use at home to keep their lashes & brows nourished & conditioned.

A great product to retail as it has so many benefits your clients will buy into, increasing your salon revenue!

Aftercare Education for your clients is so important to improve lash & brow health.

As we all know healthy, nourished lashes & brows = Happy, returning clients!!

It can also be promoted as an add-on treatment in-house as a conditioning mask ‘Step 3’ treatment.

Lash & Brow Botox Cream will help nourish, condition & strengthen the lashes & brows after a lash lift/brow lamination & tint.

It is also proven to encourage thicker & longer brow & lash hair!

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We will be excited to inform you as soon as the product reaches AHFrancis HQ, very soon!


Therapist/Lash Tech Application

  1. Once Steps 1 & 2 have been processed & product removed
  2. Apply your chosen tint
  3. Remove the tint using a damp cotton pad
  4. Apply Step 3 Lash & Brow Botox using a glue tray & cotton bud/microfibre brush
  5. Leave for 3-5 minutes
  6. Remove Lash & Brow Botox using a damp cotton pad
  7. Apply Nourishing Oil or Brow Balm 
  8. Brush brows into the desired shape using Brow Balm


Client Aftercare Application

We recommend retailing this product to your client & advising them to use the L&BB daily using a cotton bud/microfibre brush daily

This will nourish, strengthen & encourage the growth of their lashes & brows, also pro-longing their lash & brow treatment!


Product Shelf Life

Once opened, use Lash & Brow Botox within 6 months. 

Promoting healthy lashes & brows – What’s not to LOVE?


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