Lash Tech Survival Check List!

Let’s chat things through, and see what’s been happening over the last few years and where we can help and support you…

In the last few years, we have all experienced change, haven’t we? Some good and some bad!

There have been some unpredictable challenges we have all had to face. Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war & now the rising cost of living!

Businesses need to know how to deal with these issues, adapt to survive, and stay ahead of the competition.

Not being able to adapt has already seen many companies go out of business.

We don’t just want to survive short term we want to survive long-term, don’t we?


What are some KEY things to help maintain a healthy cash flow?

  1. Constant real-time knowledge of your cash situation
  2. You need to check your cash flow every day
  3. Forecast your cash flow at least three months ahead
  4. We know some business owners forecast as far as a year ahead
  5. Scenario plans for both positive situations and negative situations
  6. Force yourself not to be overly optimistic so you don’t get caught out
  7. Be realistic, it is not a failure it is a reality
  8. Find innovative NEW products to help you manage and retain customers & increase cash flow
  9. Offer referral incentives to your clients
  10. Loyalty cards everyone loves a bit of appreciation and being valued
  11. For example, you could become a Brand Ambassador for companies that you believe in and are passionate about their products
  12. This could mean a discount on your orders with them and can give you better salon revenue
  13. Being a brand ambassador also means lots of exposure for you and your company on social media channels etc
  14. Be consistent and positive this will show through to your customers and followers
  15. You need to implement the things above every day
  16. Offer referral incentives to your clients



A Last Word of Advice…

Advice for future entrepreneurs?

Be tough and prepared to work!

It’s hard work, but you know, it’s not worth doing if it is not hard work, right?

It was about time to put yourself first.” And get ahead of the competition!


We are always here to support and advise – What’s not to LOVE?


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