Spring Time The Lash Shedding Season…

Lash Shedding Season
        As lash techs, we should all know the life cycle of a lash!


Have you heard of lash shedding?

Making our clients aware of this aware of this, will help retain them as clients.  

Our natural eyelashes have a growth cycle where they shed and regrow.

Don’t get worried you won’t see a whole load of your lashes all over the pillow in the morning.

You may notice a few here and there but promise you won’t notice a huge big shed it is a gradual process.

Wearing eyelash extensions can make it a little more obvious as when the natural lashes fall out they will take the eyelash extension with them.

Don’t panic though as there should be a lovely fresh new lash to apply a new lash extension onto.

As long as the natural lash is ready and able to accept a lash extension being applied.



Springtime Lash The Shedding Season….

Springtime Lash shedding is a natural process when our natural eyelashes fall out & make room for our new lashes to grow.

Our natural eyelashes have a 60-90 cycle approx depending on each hair growth cycle we tend to shed an average of 2 – 5 natural lashes a day.

Our bodies begin to react to the changing seasons, and we start to shed our skin, and hair preparing ourselves for a new beginning in the springtime.

New life happens when our seasons change, temperature & humidity also play a huge part in springtime lash shedding.

Causing havoc with our natural lash growth cycle! (See diagram above)

Natural lash shedding is ok nothing to get alarmed about.

Our body is an amazing thing and is constantly rejuvenating itself.

Shedding our natural lashes is perfectly normal it’s a process we will all go through.

Springtime encourages our natural lashes to go into their resting phase.

Prohibiting growth & forcing our natural lashes to fall out.


Things that can help during the shedding seasons 

Rising temps = higher humidity. Therefore making us sweat and making our skin oilier.

As we know any oil coming into contact with our lash adhesives will affect the lash bonding and affect the lash retention.

Therefore making sure to keep hydrated and nourished will help stop your natural lashes from becoming dry and brittle and shedding prematurely.


How do I prevent my lash shedding?

It is impossible to prevent a lash shed!

Keeping your lashes clean and cared for will help.

Using a foaming lash cleanser every other day will help remove any dead skin cells and oily residue.

Hay fever is a common allergy in the Spring and can affect lash shedding as sufferers often rub their eyes causing damage to their natural lashes.

Remember to ask your clients if they are using topical treatment for their allergies as this can affect the lash bonding & retention!

During these Spring months, they may be unsuitable for eyelash extensions. 

Ensure you clean or replace your lash brushes and spoolies once they have been used a couple of times if they are disposable & can not be cleaned & sterilised.

We recommend booking your infill appointment at least every 14-16 days, to keep your lashes looking fabulous, and most of all healthy.

Knowing this helps us educate our lash clients, as so many ask why they need regular infills!



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