Lash Lift & Brow – Adhesive/Glue Balm

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Lash/Brow Lifting Adhesive/Glue Balm 

This NEW Lash/Brow Lifting product is designed to be used for both lash & brow lifting. 

Unlike our original 3D Lash Lift Adhesive/Glue the balm does not dry out.

This Lash/Brow Glue Blam makes it possible to re-position lashes or brow hairs if positioned incorrectly.

Treat your clients to a nourishing, hydrating treatment whilst their lashes or brows are being lifted! 

Lash/Brow Lifting Adhesive/Glue Balm contains a unique formula of conditioning ingredients.

Coconut, olive, Jojoba oils & Aloe for easy absorption into the lash & brow hairs

Ensuring healthy, hydrated lashes & brows!

  • No sticky residue 
  • Faster Application
  • Water-soluble
  • Easily removed 
  • Shelf life once opened x 12 months
  • Approximately 60 – 80 applications
  • Strawberry scented
  • Hydrates lash & brow hairs during treatment
  • Apply using a disposable microfibre brush or brow lamination brush 
  • No mess or stringy consistency 
  • Dual-Purpose
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Professional use only 

How to Apply: 

We recommend applying this Lash/Brow Lift Balm with a Microfibre brush or brow lamination brush

    1. Using your lash lift pic or brow lamination brush position the brow or lash hairs in the desired position
    2. Position in an upwards direction ensuring correct isolation 
    3. Continue following our lash lift procedure 
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