Silicone Lash Lift Shields – Multipack – Re-useable

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The Next Generation Silicone Lash Lift Shields!

Our Re-useable Pink Multipacks Contain 7 x Pairs of Shields For Upper & Lower Lashes…

These lash lift shields are made of super flexible, easy-to-mold silicone – they do not require any lash lift adhesive on the back of the shield reducing any allergies or sensitivity.

Using less lash adhesive not only saves products & money It also makes the treatment more comfortable for your client.

Using our Next Generation Silicone Lash Lift Shields will create the perfect lash lift time after time.

Multi, Mixed Pack contains

  •  1 x pair of SS shields
  •  1 x pair of S shields
  •  1 x pair of M shields
  •  1 x pair of L shields
  •  3 x pairs of lower lash shields


Product Info:

Next Generation Lash Lift Silicone Shields are a must-have to create the perfect lash lift!

  • No lash adhesive is required to fix the shield in place
  • Self-sticking onto the eyelid
  • Soft, flexible silicone
  • Professional & comfortable
  • Re-useable
  • Includes lower lash shields
  • Multipack choice suitable for every lash length/client

Unlike our regular AHFrancis Lash Lift Shields, these NEW Pink Silicon Lash Lift Shields are shaped differently.

They are thinner on the inner eye, tapering to medium then larger on the outer eye area. 

Creating a lovely graduated lift & lengthening appearance.

Curved to sit snuggly onto the client’s eyelid!

Choosing the correct size lash lift shield can be quite confusing, we would always suggest going up a size than down a size in a lash lift shield.

The correct choice of the shield will guarantee you create a perfect lash lift…


Bottom Lash Lift Shields are available in Small, Medium & Large

A bottom lash lift will correct any natural lashes that may be crisscrossed or very flat.

This treatment is ideal for subtly lifting the lashes away from the under-eye area. 

This NEW & Trending treatment is in high demand & loved by our lash techs & celebrities!


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