Lash Techs Favourite Eyelash Adhesive/Glue

A top-quality eyelash extension adhesive is key to lash longevity!

Lash adhesives, eye gel pads, tweezers & lashes should all be of the highest quality, this will make your life so much easier! As we all know there are hundreds of eyelash extension products on the market, not all of them are ISO tested & are EU regulated & fit for purpose in the UK.

All of our lash adhesives/glue is formulated in Europe to our unique specification, we use the same company that provides all of our eyelash removers, primers, Magic Dry & Foaming Cleansers, so each product is compatible with each other!

We see many social media posts highlighting poor quality lashes & products, also lash techs that may not be as experienced as they should be before starting their lash business.

This can be down to the training course they chose or the support of the lash trainer/mentor after the lash course is completed.

This can & does give the lash business a bad name & as a professional lash company, we want to support lash technicians & beauty salons to be well trained & use the highest quality lash products they can.

So let us talk about why eyelash extension adhesive/glue is key to achieving lash longevity…

It is important when looking for a lash adhesive/glue that you check the lash company out & ensure they are selling lash adhesives that meet the UK standards.

There are many different companies out there in the lash industry some good some not so good, at AHFrancis we have been in the lash industry for over 20 years & all of our lash adhesives & products are vigorously tried & tested before we feel confident to market them!

Lash Longevity, bonding & lash isolation are the three main points that any lash technician needs to consider.

Lash isolation can be very tricky & frustrating when you first start lashing, but this technique is super important when creating a set of eyelash extensions.

Lash bonding is next: creating that perfect lash bond really does take time, but once you have achieved this your lashes will last!

Lash Longevity is what every client wants! Every lash technician should be providing this, happy clients spread positive news, unhappy clients spread bad news!

Choosing the right adhesive to suit your client & your ability is key…

What to look out for when choosing your lash adhesive/glue:

  • Is it EU regulated?
  • ISO tested
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Set speed
  • Shelf life
  • Low fumes
  • High fumes
  • Sensitivity
  • For experienced lash techs
  • For newbie lash techs

A top brand eyelash extension adhesive/glue will have several types of lash adhesive to choose from depending on the lash techs experience.

As we all know when you first start out on your lash journey, applying a set of eyelash extensions could take hours! With practice, practice, practice you will speed up & gain confidence.

A complete newbie lash technician will be advised by their training provider to use a slower set speed adhesive, as this will enable them to remove & replace lashes quickly before the glue sets if they need to.

Strongbond / Masterlash are adhesives that we recommend for complete beginners.

Using a fast-set speed lash adhesive/glue when you first start lashing is not recommended.

As time goes on you will almost definitely want a faster set speed adhesive/glue as you will be working much quicker.

We would recommend using AHFrancis Fastlash once you have gained speed & confidence.

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