Lash Off Clay Remover

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Lash Off Clay Remover – Eyelash Extension Remover 

Searching for a quick, safe & easy professional Eyelash Extension remover? We have the PERFECT product for you!

  • Our AHFrancis Clay Lash Off Remover removes eyelash extensions easily 
  • Has a thicker consistency & sits nicely on the lashes 
  • Removes Pre-made Volume Fans, YY, Russian lashes & Classic Eyelash Extensions 
  • This product is an ISO medical-approved eyelash adhesive, suitable for professional use only
  • This glue is manufactured in the EU to our own Specification
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Not tested on animals

Hints & Tips

  • Place an Eye Gel Pad to cover & protect your clients bottom lashes & the delicate skin around the eye area
  • Decant a small amount of the Lash Remover onto a Jade Stone, Glue Tray, or Glue Ring
  • Using Microfibre brushes apply in a rolling motion underneath & on top of the eyelash extensions
  • Wait for 3 – 5 minutes for the Lash Remover to process
  • Gently remove the eyelash extensions using a microfibre brush ensuring not to damage the natural lashes 
  • Once eyelash extensions are all removed, apply damp cotton pads to cover the eyes
  • Using our AHFrancis Foaming Brow & Lash Wash cleanse the eyes thoroughly ensuring all of the product is removed
  • Finish with cool, damp cotton pads to refresh your client’s eyes

WATCH: How to safely remove lashes with Lash Off Clay Remover

Please Note: This product is for professional use only!

If this product comes into contact with the delicate skin or enters the eye it may cause irritation, if this occurs please use a sterile eyewash & wash the eye thoroughly to remove the product. 


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