How to avoid a possible Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions are something we do our upmost as lash techs to avoid! But sometimes Allergic reactions can happen no matter what precuations you have taken…

Clients arrive at their consultation prior to their lash or brow appointments with ideas they may have seen on Social Media, celebrities, or friends. Managing their expectations can be quite challenging!

As a professional, it is our duty, to be honest, & helpful when discussing treatments & trying to manage their expectations. It can be really tough trying to explain why the client can not have exactly what they want!

Long-term we want our clients to be happy so our professional advice is something that they will really need to listen to as we have had the experience to know what lash or brow treatment would benefit them the most!

Allergic Reactions & what to do…

An allergic reaction to an eyelash extension adhesive/glue, lash lift & brow lamination product can happen quite often.

We are not medically trained as lash techs so it is not our place to give our clients medical advice.

If a reaction does happen we would ask them to send us a close-up photo & if it was lash extensions that we had applied we would get the client in ASAP to remove them & then recommend they go to their GP surgery to get checked over.

Even though we recommend patch testing for all of the above treatments, a reaction can happen when a full treatment has been carried out.

We need to make our clients aware of this so they can make an informed decision before proceeding with their chosen treatment.

Here are some questions that clients may ask:

  • What do I do if I get an allergic reaction? (see paragraph above)

  • What does an allergic reaction look or feel like? (Swollen, itchy, puffy, redness along the lash line & discomfort)

  • If your client is affected by any of the above you need to see them in person or get them to send a photo to you immediately so you can advise.

  • Why have I got an allergic reaction? (This can be a combination of things & it is not something we can answer)

  • Can I have lashes if I’ve had an allergic reaction? (We do not recommend trying all sorts of adhesives as they are all from the Cynoacrylate family & reactions may still occur)

  • Why does my eyelid feel itchy or slightly prickly after lash extensions have been applied? (This can be because the eyelash extensions have been applied too close to the eyelid causing some slight irritation, if this happens ask your client to come back to you & you can assess the situation, removing & replacing lashes if needed) As long as there is no redness or swelling this may not be a reaction, just misplacement of lashes

  • Cover yourself as a professional by patch testing, filling in health & safety & consultation forms & get your client to read it through with you & sign & date it.

  • If you have not patch tested & completed consultation forms etc. you will not be covered by your insurance!

  • AHFrancis does require all lash technicians/ beauticians using our professional lash & brow products that they MUST patch test their client at least 48 x hours before any lash or brow treatment.

Always provide the best professional advice & care that you can!

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