How to make your lash clients feel fab!

Loyalty comes from attention to detail, care, professionalism & going that extra mile…

However your feeling!

As we all know being happy & feeling good isn’t always how we truly feel.

As Lash Technicians & beauty therapists, we become Councilors & a shoulder to cry on, so multi-tasking is the name of the game!

We are not only chatting, listening & caring we are also doing the job that we all love!

How do we gain client loyalty?

Remember everyone loves to look good, feel fab & appreciated. Always leave plenty of time for each client as you never know what’s been going on in their life. Rushing your clients & making them feel just like another appointment in your busy diary is not the best experience! We want them to leave their lash appointment wanting more treatments with you. Re-booking their next appointment with you & referring their friends & family to you.

Here are a few extra’s that clients remember & LOVE!

  • Welcome them
  • Always make a note in your diary of what lashes & lash looks you use on them
  • Take your time
  • Ask how they are
  • Were they going away? or attending a special occasion when you saw them last?
  • Be consistent, focus on your customer
  • Share positive news
  • Excite them about what’s new in the lash industry
  • Always answer their text messages, WhatsApp & emails for appointments promptly
  • Send out reminder appointment texts
  • Market your business on social media & get clients to folllow & like you
  • Offer a loyalty programme
  • Refer a friend incentive
  • Ask for client reviews on Google & Social Media
  • Charge what you are worth, don’t worry about the competition & what others are doing, focus on you!

Giving Exceptional Customer Service…

What does this look like?

Going that extra mile & providing exceptional customer service.

This doesn’t mean always giving away freebies or discounts, i.e a free brow or top lip wax, by the time you have

given 10 of these away in a week you will be using revenue.

It means quite the opposite, customers want to be valued they want fabulous treatments, be remembered &

show true empathy & not be false or fake. Listen to what your customers have to say & process the feedback.

Explain to your customer why you don’t recommend a treatment for them that they have requested, be honest & offer an alternative treatment (they will thank you in the long run for your honesty & respect you more)

Be Consistent…

Gaining customers loyalty isn’t a quick fix, it includes lots of tiny things that make you different & stand out from other lash technicians & beauty therapists!

Every client interaction, product purchase & referral by your clients contribute to building brand loyalty.

All clients love consistency, they want to know what they are getting every time they come to you.

Remember bad news gets around quicker than good news!

Loyal customers expect a positive experience every time they come to you, they want to feel valued, if at any point they feel their business is not appreciated you may lose them to your competitors!

Studies show 68% of loyal customers love a loyalty program if it is offered to them & will book more treatments because they receive benefits in return.

Studies also show that customers who have an emotional connection to you & your brand have a lifetime loyalty more than the average customer.

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