What It Takes For a Perfect Set of Lashes

Hints & Tips for a PERFECT set of lashes…

Your Client Consultation:

  • Ensure you can manage their expectations

  • Health & Safety

  • Patch testing & Contraindications

  • Aftercare Maintenance


Choosing the correct lash curl, length, thickness & style?

  • As every client is unique & not one lash look suits all!

  • Mix your curls, lengths & thicknesses

  • Lash Mapping


 Eyelash extension adhesive? What to choose?

Check out our Glue Guide for more information!


Natural eyelash Isolation is so important!

OUR TWEEZERS are fabulous;

AHF Easy Pickup, AHF Precision Isolation, Deep Curved & Deep Angled are the perfect partners for any lash tech!


Eyelash Extension Bonding & Lash Prep…

  • Prepping the natural lashes with our Foaming Lash Wash & Magic Primer

  • Coat the natural lashes 2/3 times to ensure bonding, 0.5 – 1mm from the lash line

  • Use a tiny bead of glue when applying Russian or our volume pre-made fans as there is only one point of contact with the natural lash (dipping method)

Take your time… it’s worth it in the end for the perfect set of glamorous lashes…. brush or comb throughout the lash application, check there are no stickies, going through each & every lash once you feel you are happy with your masterpiece!

Finally, apply our fabulous MAGIC DRY lash bonder, cure & set lotion to achieve fabulous, long-lasting lashes! 




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