Face Masks Causing Havoc?

Face Masks are causing Mayhem when it comes to Lash Retention…

Are you struggling with your lash retention?

Lash Retention – Humidity this time of year can cause us lash technicians issues, changes in temperature do affect eyelash extension adhesives

We are finding mask wearing is causing humidity & this can be a cause of your eyelash extension adhesive not bonding as well as usual.


Are your clients losing lashes? 

  • Face mask-wearing is essential during this pandemic not only to keep your clients safe but also to protect yourself! 
  • Encourage your clients not to chat too much as the humidity escapes out of the top of their mask
  • Humidity will lash loss
  • Eyelash extension glue needs to be fluid & not cured so you can create the perfect bond

Are you losing your confidence?

  • Let’s tackle face mask-wearing issues!
  • It’s not you, it’s the humidity! 
  • A simple tip is to use micropore tape to seal the top of the mask & prevent rising humidity 
  • Treat your lash application appointments as if you were doing a facial, Relaxing music, tranquil ambiance & soothing aromas
  • This can help to reduce the chat that can cause rising humidity

Are you Questioning your products?

  • Eyelash Extension adhesives are sensitive to temperature changes & humidity 
  • Remember to try & keep your adhesive at a stable temperature of 20 – 25 degrees & humidity between 50 & 60%
  • Early curing will affect the bond of the lash extension to the natural lashes if any of the above are too high

Mobile lash technicians need to be careful not to leave their products in the car overnight as going from cold to hot will cause condensation in the glue bottle causing curing, and making your eyelash adhesive thick & difficult to work with!

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