Post Lockdown – Are you thinking of changing your career?

This has been a tough year for us all & has left many of us reflecting on our lives & careers, making us ask questions about our day-to-day happiness & mental wellbeing.

There have been many forced job closures & redundancies throughout lockdown, whilst this has been very sad & worrying for people there have been some positive outcomes too.

On a positive note, some people have taken this as the green light to go & find a career that makes them feel fulfilled!

i.e. building a pod in your garden or starting a new business from scratch as they would never have time to research & put in the time & effort which is needed when changing a job/career.

We have listed a few questions you may want to ask yourself before making any changes, we hope you found these useful!

What should I be asking myself before I take the leap?

Is your enthusiasm & passion for your career turning into dread & discontent?
If so It may be time to change things up!

There are definite benefits to a job/career change:

• Doing a job, you dreamed off
• Upskilling & learning something new
• New career goals
• Enjoying what you do
• Love making people feel great & look fabulous

Making a change does come with risks & you have to really think is it worth it?

• Financially
• Mentally
• Work flexibility
• Lifestyle balance

Most of us know when it is time to move on, here are a few reasons, do any of these sound familiar?

• Lack of drive
• Boredom
• Undervalued
• Limited growth opportunities
• Lack of involvement in decision making
• No responsibility’s in your job role
• Not fulfilled

We all need to feel involved, appreciated & valued…

It may be worth discussing with your manager or boss your current situation & feelings towards the job before you jump ship & see if there is any room for adjustment, growth & improvement in your current role, which may make you re-think.

What’s stopping you?

• Fear of the unknown
• Failure
• Stepping out of your comfort zone
• Don’t like change
• Uncertainty
• Lack of confidence

Change & the thought of failing can really hold us back! To gain confidence we need to have courage in ourselves, remember if you’re not a failure if you’ve tried. Be brave, go for what you want, trust your gut & instincts!

Seek advice from family & friends & possibly chat with someone in a job role/career that you are interested in & gain insight & make baby steps forward.

What Qualifications do I need?

No qualifications are needed to take the following courses with us at AHFrancis.

• Eyelash Extension courses
• Rapid Volume Lashes
• ESD iBrow Lamination
• Lash Lifting
• Refresher Courses

We offer fully accredited training with courses with ABT insurance, these are recognized in the Beauty Industry & for you to get insurance cover.

We offer online training & 1-2-1 face-to-face training whichever suits you.

Click HERE to browse our online courses or call us to discuss face-to-face training & our venues.

Where do I go from here?

At AHFrancis we would love to help you with your career move…

• We offer free advice & support
• Chat with a member of our team & discuss whether this career change is for you
• Arrange a meeting & discuss your options
• Listen to feedback
• Asking questions & doing research is so worthwhile
• You will then be heading in the right direction

Starting afresh, you’ve decided to take the leap & ready to throw yourself into your new career...

• It is tough to make that change
• Starting from the bottom requires sheer determination
• The will & want to succeed
• Be prepared to work hard & long hours
• Building a business can take time
• Your clients are buying into you
• Be honest & truthful
• Reputation is everything
• It will be frustrating but these are hurdles you will overcome
• Have a positive attitude & work ethic
• You are in control!

It’s time to embrace change & trust in your instincts, your positivity & passion will guide you through to your success that you have earned & deserve!

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