Lash Lifting Hints & Tips

Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination are so on trend in the Beauty Industry!

They are fabulous treatments leaving your lashes & brows looking longer, thicker & fuller.

These combo treatments & our dual-purpose lash & brow lift products are a real game changer!

Lash Lifting is a great alternative to eyelash extensions…


We would recommend a lash lift to our eyelash extension clients when they are having an eyelash extension break.

Many of our clients have said it has taken years off them, giving them the appearance of a youthful, bright-eyed look.

We would suggest always incorporating a lash tint with your lash lift treatment.


There are four processes in our lash lift system;


1. Lifting

Application of the silicone shield onto the client’s eyelid, then apply the eyelashes onto the front of the silicone shield. We would use our eyelash lift adhesive with this process, being careful not to use too much as this can cause a barrier, preventing the lotions from working. You would apply a tiny amount of eyelash lift adhesive onto the client’s eyelid & the back of the lash lift shield.

Make sure the eye area has been prepped & the eye gel pad has covered the bottom lashes. Press the shield firmly onto the client’s eyelid & using tiny amounts of lash lift adhesive onto the front of the shield & using a lash pic gradually work along your lash line applying a few lashes at a time, ensuring a lovely upright position & NO crisscrossing of lashes. You would then apply your Step 1 Lash lift lotion, we would apply this using a microfibre brush processing time between 5 – 8  minutes depending on the natural lashes.

2. Setting

Once Step 1 has been processed wipe off with a damp cotton bud & repeat the application of Step 2 (just as above)

3. Nourishing

Once Step 2 has processed wipe off with a damp cotton bud & apply our Nourishing lotion, again using a microfibre brush & leave this to process for 3 – 4 minutes. Remove with a damp cotton pad & your lashes will pop off the shield ready for removal of the shield. We suggest using a damp cotton pad, pushing gently behind the lash lift shield releasing from the client’s eyelid. At this point, we would give our clients a lovely, damp cotton pad to gently pat their eyes to ensure any adhesive or lotions have been removed.

4. Tinting

Tinting lashes & brows finish off a lash lift & brow lamination treatment – creating defined, groomed brows & the appearance of lifted lengthened natural lashes!

Please note we do NOT supply tint at AHFrancis, you would need to refer to your tint manufacturer’s guidelines to finish this process.


Lash Lift & Tint Aftercare

  • Avoid lashes coming into contact with water for the first 24 x hours
  • Avoid saunas or sun-beds for the first 24 x hours
  • Avoid steamy facials for the first 24 x hours
  • Avoid wearing mascara for the first 24 x hours
  • We suggest wearing swimming goggles in the shower within this timeframe
  • Please advise your client to take note of the aftercare otherwise this may result in their lash lift not lasting
  • When a lash lift is taken care of it can last between 6 – 8 x weeks & tinting can be re-done 3 – 4 x weeks after a lash lift to keep the lashes looking lovely & fresh!

The Benefits

  • Lash Lifting saves you from having to use your lash curlers daily.
  • Don’t have to apply mascara
  • No more panda eyes!
  • Perfect for Gym bunnies & fitness fanatics
  • Low maintenance clients
  • Youthful, bright-eyed look

Mascara is not always needed as the lashes look so fabulous after a lash lift & tint, but some clients need mascara like they need toothpaste! It’s their daily routine.

As with any lash treatment, a patch test is required at least 48 x hours before your client’s appointment to ensure they have no sensitivity or any contraindications to prevent this treatment from going ahead.

Lash Lifting lotions contain chemicals that are ISO tested to be used on eyelashes (so very safe!) but are to be used ONLY by professionals.

The chemical lotion used to start with will break down the disulphide bonds so we can create the lift & shape your client desires, after we then apply the setting lotion & which will fix/set the new shape.

After we would apply our Nourishing lotion as this conditions the eyelashes & prepares them for the final process of tinting.

This treatment is a MUST-have for any lash technician or beauty therapist to add to their treatment menu!


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