Why Should I Patch Test?

We wanted to share with you our updated patch testing requirements, as we have been overwhelmed with inquiries regarding this topic…

Patch Testing is where treatment requires a mandatory patch test.
You must NOT feel pressurised by your client, to carry out any treatment without performing a patch test!

Failing to carry out a patch test could cause you to be sued, or even lose your Business!

It’s really not worth the risk or heartache!

REMEMBER: “Bad news travels faster than good news…”

Our guidelines in conjunction with our Insurance provider are as follows: 

  • Your insurance company may ask you to be guided by your product manufacturer or training provider
  • AHFrancis – require you to patch test your clients at-least 48 x hours prior to any AHFrancis lash or brow treatment (Brow Lamination, Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lifting)  
  • The reason patch testing is required is to see if the client is going to have an allergic reaction. You MUST not state that a reaction to a patch test won’t happen & also explain there is always a possibility they may have a reaction once a full treatment has been performed 
  • Patch testing must be repeated if your client has had a 6 x month break since their last treatment
  • If your clients medical history has changed, any change in your products, or hormonal changes such as pregnancy & menopause will require re-patch testing
  • Please ensure that you review your clients medical history on each visit 
  • Also to check for any contraindications or reasons why a treatment cannot be performed
  • To ensure you can manage your clients expectations & safety 
  • Remember to ALWAYS get your client to sign a medical health & consultation form  that they have received a patch test & are happy to proceed with the treatment
  • If your client has an allergic reaction to a patch test you MUST NOT carry out the treatment as this will result in your insurance becoming invalid 
  • Provide your client with pre & post aftercare in writing & make a note of what products & date the patch test was performed

FREE Resources are available to download from our website CLICK HERE 


Due to the pandemic we are requiring you to re-patch test ALL of your clients who have had a COVID vaccine or their last treatment was longer than 6 x months ago.

We suggest 10-14 days post-vaccine before a treatment should be carried out.

Please also check their medical history as this could have possibly changed since the pandemic. 

REMEMBER – You could learn a VERY expensive & unfair lesson that could have been avoided if you had PATCH TESTED your client!

It Is an insurance requirement…

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