Why Should I Patch Test for Eyelash Extensions?

We wanted to share with you our updated patch testing requirements, as we have been overwhelmed with inquiries regarding this topic…

Patch Testing is an insurance requirement, often requested by your insurance provider.
You must NOT feel intimidated by your client, to carry out any lash/brow treatment without performing a patch test!
Failing to carry out a patch test could cause you or your business to be sued!

It’s not worth the risk or heartache to not carry out a patch test.
REMEMBER: “Bad news travels faster than good news…”

Our guidelines in conjunction with our Insurance provider are as follows: 

  • Your insurance company may¬†ask you to be guided by your product manufacturer¬†or training provider
  • AHFrancis – requires you to patch test your clients at least 48 x hours before any AHFrancis lash or brow treatment (Brow Lamination, Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lifting)¬†¬†
  • The reason patch testing is required is to see if the client is going to have an allergic reaction.
  • Patch testing¬†is a way of not only testing for allergies, contraindications, etc. but also gives you a chance to meet your clients beforehand to see if you can manage their expectations
  • Clients have become more demanding & tricky at times so meeting them before you get them booked in for a treatment means you can see how you feel & what vibe you are getting as none of us like feeling vulnerable do we?
  • You cannot state that a reaction to a patch test won’t happen & also explain there is always a possibility they may react once a full treatment has been performed¬†
  • Patch testing must be repeated if your client has had a 6 x month break since their last treatment
  • If your client’s medical history has changed, any change in your products or hormonal changes such as pregnancy & menopause will require re-patch testing
  • Please ensure that you review your client’s medical history on each visit¬†
  • Also to check for any contraindications or reasons why a treatment cannot be performed
  • To ensure you can manage your client’s expectations & safety¬†
  • Remember to¬†ALWAYS¬†get your client to sign a medical health & consultation form ¬†that they have received a patch test & are happy to proceed with the treatment
  • If your client has an allergic reaction to a patch test you¬†MUST NOT¬†carry out the treatment as this will result in your insurance becoming¬†invalid¬†
  • Provide your client with pre & post aftercare in writing & make a note of what products & date the patch test was performed

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Due to the pandemic, we are requiring you to re-patch test ALL of your clients who have had a COVID-19 vaccine or whose last treatment was longer than 6 x months ago.

We suggest 10-14 days post-vaccine before a treatment should be carried out.

Please also check their medical history as this could have possibly changed since the pandemic. 

REMEMBER РYou could learn a VERY expensive & unfair lesson that could have been avoided if you had PATCH TESTED your client!

It Is an insurance requirement…

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