Eyelash Extensions Pro’s & Cons

“I just woke up like this…”

We all dream of waking up with full, thick & glamorous lashes with no need for mascara & looking good, and feeling fabulous day after day!

As eyelash technicians we can help… but we MUST give the client all the information & aftercare maintenance that is required from day one, which is usually a patch test consultation or a conversation over the phone.

Patch testing is really important not only to see if your client has a sensitivity to the lashes or the eyelash extension adhesive, but we also need to know that they have no contraindications or reasons why we could not perform an eyelash extension treatment. 

At this point, we also need to know whether we can manage our client’s expectations!

By this we mean discussing their lifestyle, lash curls, lash lengths & lash looks & whether they can commit to ongoing maintenance to keep the lashes full & fabulous!



Q. How long will my eyelash extensions last?     

A. With regular infills, every 2 – 3 weeks they can last indefinitely 


Q. When will I need a lash break?     

A. If you care for your lashes & clean them with regular infills you can go months without having them removed, but if you do not look after your lashes you may need a lash break within weeks. As lash technicians, we care about the health of the natural lashes & want to preserve these at all costs! Aftercare advice is essential & should be discussed at every lash appointment.


Q. Can eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

A. Yes they can if eyelash extensions are applied incorrectly or too much glue is used. Also if lashes are applied too thick & heavy, if your client picks or pulls their lashes this will cause damage & break the natural lashes.


Q. What’s the cost?

A.  This is a hard question to answer as Nationally the prices vary. What we can say is the product cost of a set of our classic lashes is somewhere between £9.50 – £11 which includes a high-quality eye gel pad. Our Rapid Volume (pre-made fan) lashes product cost would be higher at approximately £16 but takes less time.

We would always recommend you charge yourself out at at least £20 per hour on top of your product cost & infilling we would charge 50% off the original treatment cost. i.e £65 so infills would be £32.50 allowing 1 hour for this process. (As long as infill appointments are within the 2 – 3 week range) otherwise, this could result in lashes being removed & a full set needed!


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