What are Easy Fanning Volume Lashes?

What are Easy Fanning Volume Lashes?

Easy Fanning volume lashes are placed differently on the lash strip in the pack allowing easier multiple lash pickup… 

  • To pick up our Easy Fanning lashes slide the tweezers behind the base of the lashes on the tape
  • Tilt the lashes forward slightly until you have the correct amount of lashes for you volume fan I.e. 3D, 4D, 5D etc
  • Give a little wiggle side to side
  • Close your tweezers firmly (or pinch) before attempting to remove the lashes from the strip
  • Pull the Volume fan towards you ensuring your volume fan is intact 
  • Unlike classic lashes we do not coat & bond the natural lash
  • We hold the fan & dip the fan base into our chosen eyelash adhesive using a tiny bead of adhesive
  • If you use too much adhesive this will run up the lashes & close the fan
  • We recommend using our Fast Lash, Masterlash or Flashbond when applying our Easy Fanning Volume lashes

We recommend using our NEW Easy Lash Pick up Tweezers, Precision Isolation Tweezers, or our Deep Curved or Deep Angled V Tweezers

As lash technicians, we know how important a great pair of tweezers is, to be able to create a masterpiece!

Why use Easy Fanning Lashes?

Easy Fanning Volume lashes make life a whole lot easier!

Not only cutting down your lash application time, but they are also super soft, lightweight & create fabulous glamour & drama.

Offering great lash longevity, they can be infilled every 2 – 3 weeks.

Hints & Tips to Create a Volume Fan;

  • Take your time don’t rush!
  • Choose the correct curl & length
  • Choose the correct lash adhesive
  • Choose the correct tweezers
  • Lash map – to create your template

Please Note; 

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is the material we use to create all of our lash extensions. 

They are Vegan Friendly & none of our products are tested on animals! 

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