What is ESD IBrow-lamination?

ESD IBrow-lamination

Let us explain, our AHFrancis ESD iBrow-Lamination involves straightening & repositioning of the eyebrow hairs.

A chemical solution is applied this will allow the eyebrow hairs to be repositioned into the client’s desired shape. 

This treatment is perfect for sparse, thin, coarse & unruly eyebrow hairs. 

Clients who have lash lifts love this treatment too.

We are getting so much feedback from salons who offer these two treatments as a combo & their clients are loving the results!

Remember doubling upon treatments brings in more revenue & the product cost for a Lash Lift or ESD iBrow-lamination is approx £3.50.

Offering 2 x treatment in less time & making more revenue is WIN WIN!! 

We have also found many men like this treatment too, so it is a great treatment to upsell when doing a men’s, facial, Pedi, or waxing appointment.

How does it work?

ESD iBrow-lamination Step 1 – Repositions the eyebrow hairs by entering the Cortex & breaking down the disulphide bonds.

This process allows you to reposition the eyebrow hairs into the desired shape.

Once you have applied the ESD iBrow -lamination adhesive to hold the brows into shape, you apply Step1 & process for 9-11 mins. Remove all lotions ready for Step 2.

For stubborn eyebrow hairs, you can always place clingfilm over the brows to help with the processing.
Once step 1 has been processed it is then time to apply ESD iBrow-lamination Step 2 & process for the same time as Step 1.

ESD iBrow-lamination Step 2 – Adds oxygen to the hair structure and realigns the disulphide bonds stabilising the hair structure into its new shape.

After ESD iBrow-lamination Step 2 has processed cleanse the brows with a damp cotton pad ensuring any tacky adhesive & lotions have been removed.

Then we recommend you tint & shape the eyebrows.

Followed by ESD iBrow-lamination Step 3 – This product is left on for 24 hours & clients must not get their brows wet.

ESD iBrow-lamination Step 3 Is Keratin, this helps to smooth the cuticles regain condition & nourish the eyebrow hairs.

This final process should only be applied once you have tinted & shaped your client’s eyebrows.

Patch testing is required for this treatment at least 48 x hours before treatment.

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