Prepping & Lash Longevity

Lash Prep & Longevity

We all dread it when a client calls or messages us to say ‘my lashes have fallen out’ & it has only been a few days since their lash appointment with you.

Here a few pointers that may help you with this problem, if this problem arises!

1. Take really good before & after images after every lash client, as a reference for you & for them.

2. Ask them to send you a close-up image of their lashes so you can access them & see where they have shed, this can sometimes be more noticeable on the side they sleep on.

3. We often question ourselves first, then ask the question… could this be my client not taking care of their lashes? Then lastly we question is our lash adhesive ok? This can be trial & error & needs to be addressed.

4. When clients come in for their patch test & consultation this is time to go through all of the pros & cons of having eyelash extensions.

5. They really need to understand eyelash extensions are not permanent they are semi-permanent. The eyelash extensions are applied to the client’s natural lashes. So there have to be natural eyelashes to apply eyelash extensions to!! Also, explain the life cycle of natural lashes, this really does help them understand that infills will be required & there is an ongoing maintenance program!

6. Once your client is booked in for their eyelash extension appointment, please remind them VIA a text or email not to come to their appointment with any eye makeup on.

7. When a client arrives at their appointment with full eye makeup on this can be quite difficult! (They may have come from work or just cannot bear to be makeup-free!) As not only does it take time to remove this, it can make their eyes sensitive & possibly cause their eyes to water throughout their eyelash extension application.

8. Any eyelash extension adhesive coming into contact with water before it is cured, will affect the lash bonding, therefore, affect the lash longevity!

9. Please make your clients are aware of this & it may help them understand why we ask them to come to their eyelash extension appointment eye makeup-free!!! If they still arrive with their eye makeup on, you can remove the eye makeup with a non-oily eye makeup remover. You must ensure there is nothing left on the eyelashes to create a barrier that will then affect the lash bond.

We would then follow the (Step 10 – below)

10. We recommend using our AHFrancis Foaming Lash & Brow wash with our lash cleansing brush working the foaming lash & brow wash in circular motions. We would then wipe with a damp cotton wool pad to ensure any residue of this product is removed, blot the lashes dry with a tissue.

The natural lashes are now cleansed & prepped & ready for you to start your eyelash extension application.

11. Before applying one of our AHFrancis 3D Premium Eye Gel Pads, we recommend applying our Magic Primer to restore the PH balance of the natural eyelashes. This product really helps with the lash bonding too.

12. Once we have applied the Magic Primer we would then apply the 3D Premium Eye Gel Pads. Ensuring to cover the bottom lashes & do not go too close to the client’s waterline, as this could irritate your client & cause their eyes to water, throughout their lash application & this will affect the lash longevity.

13. You are now ready to start your eyelash extension application.

14. Once you have completed your lash application & have checked for no stickies, apply the Magic Dry lotion (quick cure) this really does help speed up the curing process & improve lash longevity.

15. Remember to go over the after-care & give your clients their after-care form to take home.

16. Remember also to re-book them in for their infills every 14-16 days, so that their lashes stay looking fabulous!

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