Summer hints & tips for lashes….

We are well into the summer season now lots of heat & humidity…

This is where a Lash Sealer is recommended to apply to your clients before they leave the salon after lash extensions have been applied. 
Why not sell a sealer to your clients to use every other day on their lash extensions?
To keep them full & fabulous in between their infill appointments.
Our AHFrancis Clear Lash Sealer contains Teflon which helps keeps the lash bond pliable, & helps the lash glue not to become brittle, offering longer lash retention.
Lash sealers help provide a barrier for oils, sunscreen & eye makeup.
Which is especially important for the hot summer holiday months.
Applying the lash sealer onto clean dry eyelash extensions is so important to keep lash extensions hygienic & prevent any dead skin cells or oils & debris trapped in between the sealer & the lash extensions.
We also recommend that your clients use a foaming lash & brow cleanser cleansing every other day to remove any possible build-up of eye makeup etc. 

Eyelash Extensions & Sunscreen…

As we all know that anything oily that comes into contact with eyelash extensions can cause a breakdown of the lash glue/adhesive bond.
Summer is the time when we all need to apply more SPF than usual especially when on holiday.
We know that using our usual SPF50 daily is something we get used to applying but going on holiday etc. we can get a little carefree & sometimes not be as careful as we should around the eye area! 
Resulting in SPF/suncream getting onto the lash extensions!
Oily-based SPF/sunscreen definitely will break down any lash glue/lash adhesive bonds. 
There are oil-free SPF/sunscreen brands out there, it is worth looking for them to preserve your lash extensions.
Summer heat & humidity can cause you to sweat more than usual & cause you to rub your eyes if you get sunscreen in them, which will affect lash retention.
If this happens we recommend using our foaming lash & brow cleanser to remove any oily sunscreen from your lashes & pat dry. 
Wearing sunglasses & a sun hat can help with sensitive eyes & preserve your lash extensions.
Wearing swimming goggles in the pool or sea will also help the lash bond being compromised.
We sometimes recommend that maybe a different lash style can be advised to your clients if they are going away for a long holiday & will miss their infill appointment.
Maybe a lighter volume lash like a YY or W lash as these lashes seem to offer more lash retention, than a heavy volume lash look.


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