How to Promote & Grow Your Lash Business on Social Media Channels…

Promote & Grow Your Lash Business on Social Media Channels

Promote & Grow Your Lash Business – Every Lash Technician, salon owner & beauty therapist wants to know how they can generate more clients…

It can be so hard when you first start in any business & knowing where to spend your money on marketing.

Getting your Brand out there is so important & keeping up to date with your posts can be quite challenging when you are back-to-back with clients!

The days when you could print your treatment menu & deliver them door to door have gone. People are more conscious than ever now of saving the environment & prefer digital communications. 

Since the pandemic people have chosen to shop online for most things including beauty products & treatments. 

Where they should go who is the best etc?

Up-to-date client reviews are so important as so many people read reviews before booking or buying anything!

We know how hard it is to get your clients to review you, even though they are thrilled with their treatments. 

We recommend offering an incentive to your client to leave a review & introduce a referral scheme for referring a friend or family member to you for treatments.

You can also send a gentle reminder for reviews with a link to your website or social media platforms:

  • Tik Tok
  • You Tube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

All of the above platforms are great & free!

Using analytics features can help track your engagement & see what platforms perform better for our business.

Plus try sending them a hashtag with your brand name ie: #ahfrancislasheslimited to add to their social media posts & then you can share their story or post on your socials.

When you take before & after photos or videos of your clients please check that they are happy for you to use these images etc for your marketing etc.

Maybe use a call of action button on your posts to direct your customers straight to your booking system.

Images, videos & reels need to be nice & clear!

Make sure you edit & crop into the images to get the best results.

Follow your clients on their social media & use this as another platform to communicate with them & share what’s new with you & your business.

Join & share your local FB lash/beauty support groups, be sure to read the rules of each group to ensure you are posting on the correct days, etc.

Joining these groups helps you meet like-minded people & it is a good way to network with other businesses.

We find that Reels & tutorials get the best engagement rather than static posts.

The music is important to go with your social posts, select a piece of music that fits with posts/reels/videos.

IE: fast videos need high-tempo fast music!

We recommend scheduling your posts throughout the week maybe at the weekend…

Facebook has a free schedule platform to use which is easy in meta business.

It will also post to both FB & Insta, the posts will go out every other day, or when or schedule them to go out.

 At least 3 x times a week minimum we recommend.

To keep your clients & followers engaged.

Competitions & giveaways are also a way to gain followers & potentially new clients.

Ask clients a question to gain feedback on a new treatment or product you may be thinking of offering.


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