All You Need To Know Pre & Post Eyelash Extension Treatment…

Pre & Post Eyelash Extension Treatment


Pre & Post Eyelash Extension Treatment – Questions, Questions, Questions!

Whether you are a seasoned addict eyelash extension wearer or a complete newbie to eyelash extensions, there are probably so many questions you want to ask & need to know about Pre & Post Eyelash Extension Treatment!


FAQ’s @ AHFrancis Lashes Limited HQ!


Q. Can I wear eye makeup to my patch test & eyelash appointment?

A. We recommend that you arrive free of any eye makeup prior to your eyelash appointments.


Your lash tech needs to assess your natural eyelashes to ensure you are good to go before your eyelash extension treatment & that you have no contraindications that could be hidden by any makeup.


Q. Can I still wear foundation & under-eye concealer to my eyelash appointment?

A. Wearing a light foundation is no problem but heavy under-eye concealer is a NO, NO!


Using too much oily, heavy foundation or under-eye concealer can create a barrier on the natural eyelashes & prevent your lash adhesive/eyelash glue from bonding, affecting lash retention.

Ideally, arrive to both appointments fresh-faced, and makeup-free, leaving your lash tech plenty of time to create the perfect set of lashes!


Q. Dress code for my eyelash extension appointment

A. We recommend wearing comfy, casual clothing to your eyelash extension appointment as you will be on the couch for 1.5 – 2.5 hours while your eyelash extensions are being applied. 


Q. Why are eyelash extension appointments so long?

A. Depending on what lash technique is being used it can take up to 2.5 hours, as each natural lash has to be isolated & each individual eyelash extension has to be applied carefully onto an isolated natural lash, ensuring no stickies (lashes being stuck together or over-usage of lash glue)


Q. How long is an infill appointment?

A. We recommend an hour for lash infills, every 14 – 16 days 


Q. What should I expect to pay for a lash infill?

Q. If you regularly keep up your 14 – 16 day infills It is priced at 50% off your initial lash appointment i.e £60 initial appointment 2.5 x hours Infill appointment £30 approx 1 x hour if you go beyond the recommended infill appointment timings you may be charged more or require a new set of lashes.


Q. Can I use my eyelash curler on my eyelash extensions?

A. Absolutely NOT! As lash extensions are made from PBT which is a synthetic man-made material & using a lash curler will bend & distort the eyelash extensions!


Q. Can I wear contact lenses to my eyelash extension appointment?

A. NO! As your eyes will be closed for a prolonged amount of time, this can cause dryness & irritation to the eye if contact lenses are left in! There is also a chance of eyes watering causing lash bonding issues.


Q. How do I clean my eyelash extensions?

A. We recommend using our Foaming Lash Cleanser to use every other day. Carefully cleanse your eyelash extensions to prevent any build-up of dead skin cells & eye makeup, this will help avoid any build-up of bacteria that could cause an infection!


Q. How do I know what lashes & lash style to choose?

A. Choosing the correct lash style for you will really depend on your lash techs’ professional opinion & your natural lashes & your natural eye shape, also your lifestyle!

Here are a few explanations of different lashes below & click for lash styles:

  • Lash trends can vary depending on what a celebrity is wearing 
  • Classic Lashes – 1:1 eyelash extensions are applied to each of your client’s natural lashes creating length & lift, you can create many lash styles using the classic lash method, from a very natural look up to a very glamourous full lash look
  • Cashmere Flat Lashes – 1:1 flat lashes are super lightweight & perfect for clients with fine, sparse lashes 
  • Hybrid Lashes – a mixture of volume pre-made fans & classic lashes mixed to create a volume, textured look
  • YY & W Lashes – a lightweight volume lash created to make a Y or W giving a criss-cross effect & a great depth of colour!
  • Pre-made Volume Fans – fluffy, textured pre-made fan lashes in various curls, lengths, sizes & dimensions perfect for clients with broken, gappy, damaged lashes as these can bridge & infill gaps
  • Volume Lashes – These can be created using the above pre-made volume fans, easy fanning lashes, Camellia, or hand-made Russian volume lashes


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