CLEARANCE – 0.07 – 5D Rapid Volume Fan Eyelash Extensions

£0.50£2.50 exc. VAT

**Sold as seen – discontinued stock**

Pre-made Volume Fans Lashes are just perfect for creating Volume Lashes quickly.

Our smaller packs of pre-made volume fans come in 3D or 5D, B, C & D curls.

Perfect for your clients who are short on time!

They can be used to make a full-volume set of lashes or mixed in with Classic lashes to create a Hybrid lash look.

They have a super fine heat-bonded base making it difficult to see that they are pre-made & not hand-made by a very talented Lash Technician.

Pre-made Volume Fans save so much time & create more salon revenue.

They are used by many of our lash technicians who just LOVE them & they can be infilled just as a set of classic or Russian lashes.


These super-fine heat-bonded pre-made fans come in 3D & 5D

  • B,C,D Curls  (See our Eyelash Curl Guide for more details)
  • Super lightweight
  • Fantastic longevity
  • Can be Infilled
  • Perfect for clients short on time
  • Creates drama & glamour
  • Rapid volume
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Latex Free
  • Not tested on animals
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