Lets talk Lash Glues & Lash extensions & what best for you?

Lash Glues & Lash extensions

Lash Glues & Lash extensions & what best for you?

Eyelash extensions can make you look good & feel fabulous!

Wake up in the morning & there is no more faffing with mascara you can wake up & GO!

Saving time on your morning makeup regime! That’s a winner already, isn’t it?…

 Please make sure you do your research on the salons & lash techs before booking your lash appointment.

Check out their Instagram, social media & websites for images of their work & reviews.

There are good & bad in every treatment, product & therapist so research is the key.

Make sure the place or person you choose is qualified & using professional lash supplies.

Professional lash techs & salons all advertise the lash products they love.

Make sure their lash glues are UK – ISO approved.

All of AHFrancis Lashes Limited Lash Adhesives & Lash Glues, Removers, Lash Primers & Lash Bonders are made in the UK & are not tested on animals & are Vegan friendly.

We do not sell any Eyelash lash extension Adhesives that are not made in the UK!

So let’s talk lash glue & lash adhesives & their ingredients below …..


Only the best Professional Eyelash Extension glues & Lash adhesives will offer lash retention…

There is a huge choice of Lash Glues, Primers & Bonders on the market, & most professional lash artists will have the go-to brand that works for them.

Remember to pop a sticker & write the date on your lash adhesives /lash glues when you open them, so as to remind you of the shelf life 3 x months once opened.

We do not recommend stockpiling your lash adhesives/lash glues as there is a shelf life of 6 x months unopened, on all of our 5grm bottles.

(It is less for 2 or 3grm Vials!) pls, refer to the info on the individual products.

What to look for when choosing a lash glue or lash adhesive:

Check the temp & humidity the lash company recommends that best for that particular lash glue /lash adhesive as this is key to the lash glue/lash adhesive’s workability & lash retention.


Read lash adhesive/lash glue info below:

What are Eyelash Extension Adhesives / Glues Made up of?

  1. Cyanoacrylate

Cyanoacrylate is a fast-acting & quick-drying adhesive. It undergoes a process called polymerisation in the presence of moisture/water, which allows it to create a strong bond when applying eyelash extensions to natural eyelashes.

A very small amount of lash adhesive/lash glue is needed & should if applied correctly have fabulous lash longevity & lash retention.


There are different types of Cyanoacrylates – Various lash adhesives/lash glues contain different ones….

Super fast set speed lash glues like our: EXTREME & FAST LASH glues have higher fumes & odour & we do not recommend these lash glues for newbies or inexperienced lash techs… refer back to our glue guide on our website www.ahfrancis.com 

  • Methoxy cyanoacrylate: This is one of the most common types used in eyelash extension adhesives/glues. It has the fastest drying time & the longest lash longevity, and retention. It does give off a low odour & fumes, this is a common theme for lash adhesives/lash glues that offer a super quick set speed lash cure time. We recommend these types of lash adhesives/lash glues are only used by professional experienced lash technicians. We would not recommend using these types of lash glues if you are inexperienced or new to lashing.
  • Ethoxyethyl cyanoacrylate: This is for sensitive clients, as it does not have fumes or an odor. However, it is very slow drying & we do not recommend it for lash technicians that like to work fast. 


  1. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

PMMA is primarily a thickening agent, that does add to the strength values.

The most important to achieve this is the purity & quality of the Cyanoacrylate.

It also bonds really well with cyanoacrylate, giving fast drying curing times & longer-lasting lash retention & lash longevity.

As a rule of thumb the higher the PMMA content, the better lash retention & lash longevity you will get.


  1. Stabliser

Eyelash extension glues will also have a small amount of stabliser.

Stabiliser functions are to prevent polymerisation. This helps stabilise your eyelash extension glue & prevent it from hardening or drying out while it is being stored & not being used.


  1. Carbon Black

Carbon black gives eyelash extension adhesives/lash glues their depth of color. The pigment is also used in various cosmetic & eye makeup products.

When applying eyelash extensions, carbon black can help create a seamless more natural appearance. 

It allows the adhesive to blend seamlessly onto the natural lashes. Especially for natural dark lashes, we recommend if your client’s lashes are blonde or fair, tinting them at least 24 x hours before a lash application. This will enhance the lash extension application & blend the bottom lashes into creating that WOW factor.

Sometimes clients can have a reaction or sensitivity to carbon black!

We would then recommend using a clear lash adhesive/lash glue.


Let’s talk about Humidity & Temperature

What’s the average drying curing time of a lash adhesive/lash glue?

This can depend on humidity & temperature each supplier will have their own recommendation for the best working conditions. 

Please refer back to our glue guide & see what’s best for each of our lash adhesives/lash glues, to get the best results.


Does High Humidity Make Eyelash Extension Glue Dry Faster?

YES adhesive contents of cyanoacrylate are only triggered when there is moisture in the air.

Humidity will really affect your lash adhesive/lash glue setting & curing timings & possibly affect the eyelash extension retention & lash longevity.

Please refer to the lash glue guidelines on our website

Manufacturers have their own specifications when it comes to humidity levels.

Most eyelash extension adhesives/glues like around 55 to 70% humidity to work well.

If the humidity is too high, the adhesive will dry too fast, this can make it difficult & allow less time to apply your eyelash extensions. 

Lash adhesives/lash glues can dry before they have had a chance to bond properly onto the natural eyelashes, which can & will cause the eyelash extensions to not stay on the natural eyelashes when you brush them throughout the treatment.

But if the humidity is too low, the lash adhesive/lash glue will be slower to dry.

This can cause stickies & clumpy lashes, because the lash adhesives/lash glues, as the adhesive/glue becomes thick & stringy.


Will different working Temperatures Affect Eyelash Extension/lash Glue?

The temperature affects the lash adhesive/lash glue viscosity, which is the fluidity of the adhesive/glue. As it is a liquid & if the temperature drops this can cause it to harden the bottle.

That’s why we recommend trying to store your lash glues/adhesives in a Glue Storage container upright & at a constant temperature, if possible.

We do not recommend storing our lash adhesives/lash glues in the  FRIDGE!

It is hard when you are a mobile lash tech & maybe like to leave your lash kit in the car, but this can cause issues with your lash adhesives /lash glues.

As coming from cold temperatures into a hot temperature can create condensation in the glue bottles & make the lash glue cure, which means it will start to get thick & stringy!!

The same as humidity, the temperature will also affect your eyelash extension adhesive /lash glue. 

If the humidity is too low the lash glue won’t dry & not bond to the natural lashes.

Lash adhesives will generally dry faster in high temperatures & high humidity.

You may need to temporarily change your Lash Adhesives/Lash Glues if our humidity is really HIGH –  possibly try a slower drying one in the Summer.

As Heat & Humidity can affect Lash Retention, & if your favourite glue isn’t working for you due to the heat & humidity maybe try the next level of lash glue down.

The colder it is, it will take for the eyelash extension glue longer to dry.

Please refer back to our glue guide to see what we recommend for each of our Lash adhesives/lash glues…

Recommended temperatures  & humidity range of 55-70% & 20-25 degrees room temp.

We recommend looking very carefully into what lash adhesive/lash glue is the correct one for you.

Depending on your experience & skill set.

We have all the information you need to make the right choice for you on our website www.ahfrancis.com glue guide info.


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