Why choose YY & W Lashes?



Why choose YY & W Lashes


Why choose YY & W Lashes

YY & W lashes are volume lash extensions applied onto an isolated natural lash just like Classic Eyelash extensions!

Except you do not coat & bond the natural lash, you just dip the base of the YY or W into your chosen lash adhesive/lash glue.

We recommend using either one of our Superfast set speed 0.2 – 0.5 sec set speed – lash adhesives like Extreme or Fast Lash. 

For this lash technique as you do need the YY or W lashes to bond instantly onto the natural lash. 

Using too much lash adhesive/lash glue will make the lashes very clumpy & may close the YY or W lash fans up.

Being mindful of the usage of lash adhesive/lash glue is super important.

We recommend using a jade stone & glue dot when using one of our super fast set speed lash adhesives/lash glues.

And replenish every 5 mins during the summer season or if your room is very hot & humid.

YY lashes have become one of our best-selling lashes since we launched them in 2022, & we feel so excited & confident that the W lashes will be as popular.

YY & W lashes create a lovely textured volume lash look very quickly.

A real game changer for clients with weak, fine, sparse lashes who would love more volume but just cannot take the weight of heavier classic or Russian Volume lashes.


How do I know what a YY lash looks like? 

YY Lashes Look like its says a Y appearance, using double Y lashes on top of each other creating a 4D effect & W lashes are very similar except it is W not a YY shape.

YY & W lashes are a great eyelash extension for clients with short, lashes that want a little more length & fullness, and also for clients that want more volume, length & drama. 

These lashes really do help bridge the gap between classic & Russian volume lashes, similar to pre-made & pro-made volume fans. 

YY & W lashes are made of synthetic PBT fibre, which is super soft & lightweight. Curled to the desired curl which is very long-lasting this PBT fibre really holds it shape.

It is not tested on animals & is vegan-friendly.


Are YY & W lashes right for you & your clients?

Let us give you a few reasons why we think you should give them a try….

YY & W lashes create a lovely full, volume textured lash look.

Great lash retention.

Mixed-length packs for W lashes.

Individual lash length packs for YY lashes.

Time saving making time for more lash clients.

Lovely flat stem/base making more room for bonding to the natural lash.

Super quick & easy to apply.

Great for clients whose lashes may have gaps in them & need the texture to disguise these gaps.

Also for clients with short, fine sparse lashes, as YY or W lash extensions are so lightweight!

Why choose YY & W Lashes?
Why choose YY & W Lashes?
Why choose YY & W Lashes?
Beautiful Results!
Why choose YY & W Lashes?



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