Lash Mapping

Lady With Makeup and Eyelashes

What is lash mapping we constantly get asked.
Let us explain…

As we all know not one lash look fits all!

And as lash technicians, we often have favourite lash lengths, thicknesses & curls.

And some of you may have trained years ago & simply not had the time to keep yourself updated, because you are super busy in the salon.

Lash mapping makes applying lashes super easy.

After chatting with your clients and finding out what lash look they would like.

All you have to do is apply your client’s eye gels pads and you almost there.

To create a lash map simply draw sections onto the eye gel pads & mark with a sharpie pen what length, thickness & curl you are going to apply.

It is as simple as that!

We promise this will make lashing so much more fun & the creative side of you will come out!

Pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Each & every one of your clients will have their own bespoke set of eyelash extensions.

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