Autumn Lash Shed: Why am I losing my eyelash extensions?

Hello Autumn…

We all LOVE Autumn… Beautiful autumnal colours, golds, russets, reds & browns, inspiring us to create our wonderful lash masterpieces!

Usually, we would say have you infills 2 – 3 weeks but at this time of year, you may need a 2-week infill, as the autumnal shedding may have begun! 

Clients will call you in a panic, usually saying “It’s the glue that’s not lasting, I’ve done nothing wrong!”

And as eyelash technicians & beauty therapists, we question our skills, products & client’s aftercare…

Don’t’ worry it is none of the above & you’re not doing anything wrong! You will be pleased to know!


So what exactly is Autumn Lash Shedding?

At the end of the Summer, there is an increased hair & lash shed due to the drop in temperature & lack of Vitamin D, there is an increased percentage of hair that is in the Telogen phase which as we know is the shedding phase. 

Often we don’t even notice when we shed a natural eyelash. When we start shedding a natural lash with an eyelash extension we notice… and the panic sets in!!

Nourishing & caring for your lashes during the colder months is super important!

Please inform your clients what to expect during these Autumn/Winter months & encourage them to read their aftercare leaflets to keep their lashes healthy!


See below the lash cycle stages…

1. Anagen – Active growth stage

During the Anagen phase, the hair is rooted to the follicle & it receives all the nutrients it requires to promote healthy lash growth

2. Catagen – Transition/Resting phase 

During the Catagen phase, the hair is no longer growing, it is a transitional phase

4. Telogen –  Shedding phase 

During the Telogen phase, the lashes are ready to shed. On average you will lose up to 100 x hairs from the head, brows, etc. & approx 5 – 6 eyelashes per day

5. Early Anagen Phase – Growth stage

Once the hairs have shed the lash cycle will begin all over again, as we know the human body is constantly renewing itself i.e. skin, hairs, nails, etc. 

Products to help with Aftercare & Lash Shedding:

Try our Foaming Lash & Brow Wash with our Lash & Brow Cleansing Brush, why not retail these products to your clients & encourage them to clean their lashes 2 – 3 times a week, to help maintain clean, healthy & fresh lashes?


REMEMBER the Autumn shed doesn’t last forever!

Roughly 6 – 8 weeks & your lashes will be back to normal.

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