Cleaning Lashes

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Maintenance & cleaning the lashes is super important to protect the natural lashes & improve the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Sometimes client’s don’t cleanse their eyelid & eyelash extensions properly, resulting in dead skin cell & oil build up along the lash line, creating a sticky residue.

This could present itself as swollen, sore, irritated eyelids, usually along the lash line with redness & dry flaky skin resulting in a condition called Blepharitis.

If this was the case we would remove the client’s lashes totally & advise the client to visit their GP for medical advice. We would never recommend antihistamines to a client.

If the eyes aren’t cleansed properly it’s possible that the client could develop a reaction. Resulting in the client wanting to rub their eyes which will cause damage to the natural lashes & their eyelash extensions.

Prevention & Advice

  • Encourage clients to use our AHFrancis Foaming Lash Wash.  It’s specially designed to use with eyelash extensions.  Easy to use with a sponge tip applicator (not with a cotton bud as the fibres can get caught up in the lash extensions when lashes are already applied).
  • Encourage clients to not wear too much concealer and foundation around the eye area.  Oil can affect the bonding and lash longevity.
  • Also, SPF creams can also affect the eyelash extension if applied too close to the eye area.
  • When clients wash their faces or get out of the shower, the clients should pat the lashes dry and not rub them.
  • Wear swimming goggles in the shower

Lash extensions are very addictive and aftercare advice should be given during a patch test & a client’s medical consultation again after the lash application to manage your client’s expectations. Infill appointments should be booked every 14-16 days to keep the lashes looking fresh & fabulous.

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