How to handle tricky client’s


Being a Lash Artist can be so rewarding one day, the next day it could be super challenging!

You could have a tricky client who doesn’t value your professionalism or time.

We find ourselves asking, why is our time not as important as there’s?

Dealing with tricky clients is never easy, but sadly it comes with the Beauty Territory.

Setting your boundaries is so important! Not only for your business but for your sanity & confidence.

Hints & Tips

Remember you are the Professional. Don’t ever compromise on this!

When you are doing a Patch Test Consultation, be very honest from the start of what you are hoping to achieve.

Clients often have a lash look in mind, that not only would not suit them or you could not create this lash look due to the quality of their own natural lashes & lifestyle.

You can explain this nicely & professionally, by possibly showing them your portfolio of lash looks that you have created, discussing the shape of their face, eyes & how they wear their makeup.

You can educate your client on how to choose the correct lash look for them by sharing your lash passion & knowledge i.e lash length, lash curls, lash thickness & lash trends.

We have to remind them that eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, they do need infilling & post-treatment care is super important to retain a lovely, full set of lashes.

Some of your clients will not want to be told that the lash look they desire is not the correct one for them. What they do not understand is that everyone is an individual for us lash artists, & we pride ourselves on creating a bespoke lash look to suit each individual client.

Your clients will thank you in the end for being so honest!

There may be some clients who insist, in this case, you could go ahead & be assured they will be contacting you in a few days later saying “my lashes have fallen out, twisted, I hate them, they are too long!! Help me!”

We have all had this, I don’t think that there is a lash technician out there where this hasn’t happened to them.

When this happens, which it will do! Just be your professional self & don’t say ‘I told you so’ keep your thoughts to yourself!

The most important thing is to keep your clients happy & take on board what they say, but try & advise them of what is best for them.

Set your Boundaries

From day 1 it is best to set your boundaries, these could be:

  • Consultations / Patch testing
  • Working hours
  • Cancellations
  • Turning up late for their appointment
  • No shows
  • T&C’s
  • Professional standards

Lets talk about each of these…

Consultation / Patch testing

  • As a professional tell them you do require to see them prior to their appointment so you can perform a patch test etc.
  • This is not only for your insurance purpose but is to make sure that the client has no contraindications etc.

Working Hours

Be strict with yourself, outline your working hours & stick to them. Clients often want you to fit in around them, this can mean working late into the evening & can take over your weekends!

Setting your working hours & being a little flexible where you can, & if it is a really special client & it suits you then go ahead!

Be mindful often clients think they are the only ones with a timetable/diary.


Setup from day 1 a cancellation policy that applies to everyone and STICK TO IT!!

Often we think if we charge clients for a cancellation or no-show that they will leave us a bad review or not come back to us, ask yourself do we need clients like this? The answer is no!

If this happens frequently, you will need to question whether this client is worth keeping.

Your time is valuable & so is your confidence!

Turning up late to appointments

Try to be understanding as things can happen: late leaving work, childcare, traffic, etc.

You need to remind them that you are working from a diary & you will have clients back to back often.

Explain to them that you can only do what you can in the time left with their appointment as you cannot be late for your next client!

Be kind & professional, you don’t want to upset them & them not come back!

If this happens frequently, you will need to question whether this client is worth keeping.

Your time is valuable & so is your confidence!

No shows

This can be SOOOOO frustrating!! It’s your time & money that is affected.

I would usually leave 10 minutes from their appointment time & if they have not shown up I will text or call them.

We all have these clients that can forget or things crop up last minute.

This is why it is so important to send your T&C’s & discuss these issues on your first meeting with them.


Create a document PDF that you can email or text to your clients with all of this information on, so it is not awkward when any of the above arises.


Being professional is paramount, having your insurance & being fully qualified as a Lash Artist is essential within any business!

PPE, Health & Safety Standards & guidelines must be followed!

Be kind & courteous to all your clients – even in difficult situations!

It is important to show your compassion & empathy, this will pay off in the end & your clients will value you more & become loyal, long-standing clients!

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