Wet Lash Look / Lash Mapping

Creating a Wet Lash / Spikey Look

The spikey wet lash look has been around for a few years now, with celebrities such as Kim K making it an iconic go-to lash look!

It’s quite an easy look to create, using a closed multiple lash pickup technique.


How to Create this look…

We recommend only using the finest of lashes i.e 0.05 0.07 thickness.

Pinch a small bundle of eyelash extensions 2-4D, pull them off the lash strip.

Instead of making a lovely hand-made fan, keep the bundle of lashes closed, to create a spike, wet-look lash.

Holding the bundle of lashes dip only the tip or the base of the bundle into your chosen lash adhesive/glue.

We recommend using our best-selling Fastlash Adhesive, as this bonds super-quick & will hold the bundle of lashes intact & secure onto an isolation natural lash.

This lash effect appears thicker & fuller than a Classic set of lashes, It is still classed as a volume lash technique, you can apply the lashes just as you would apply hand-made volume fans or pre-made volume fans, you don’t need to coat & bond these lashes.

Using different lash lengths & varying the number of lashes in your bundle you can create a lovely, dramatic volume, textured lash look!

Try mixing up your curls, start with a C & blend with a D curl, using our fabulous Deep Angled V Tweezers.

Using a lash map to create a template really helps when using this lash technique.


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