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Consultation & Lash / Brow Prepping…

Why do we have to prep before lash or brow treatments?

The answers are simple:

  • Checking for any contraindications
  • Completing health & safety forms
  • Help to manage clients expectations
  • Patch testing
  • Promotes lash longevity
  • Foaming Lash/Brow Wash removes grease & oil residues
  • Cleansed lashes & brows
  • Lovely, fresh clean canvas to start with
  • Hygienic
  • Professional

The Importance of patch testing, consultation & prepping…

Patch Testing

At AHFrancis we do require you to patch test your clients if you are using our products.

This can sometimes be quite a grey area for lash technicians, do we or don’t we need to patch test?

This is an insurance requirement.

You are not only patch testing for reactions or sensitivities but you are also checking for any contraindications & to see whether you can manage your client’s expectations.

Spending 10 – 15 minutes during a consultation including patch testing is time well-spent, you are informing your clients of any possible things that may occur before & after their lash/brow appointment.

Discussing different lash looks, curls, lengths, etc. that would suit them.

Advise them against any lash/brow styles that are unsuitable for them.

You could show your client your lash/brow portfolio on different styles & looks to gain their confidence that you are a professional & know you are experienced.

To patch test for eyelash extensions, we recommend:

  • Lay the client on the couch
  • Cover their hair in a tanning cap/ hair net
  • Cleanse the eyelashes with a foaming cleanser
  • Pop an eyegel pad to cover the bottom eyelashes
  • Isolate an outer lash or two
  • Stroke your chosen lash adhesive using a micro-fibre brush onto the isolated lashes
  • Ensure your client keeps their eyes closed for a few minutes
  • Then sit them up & ask them to gently open their eyes, ensuring there are no stickies
  • Also using a micro-fibre brush apply a dot of glue behind your clients ear
  • Patch testing needs to be completed 48hrs before any treatment

To patch test for Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination, we recommend:

  • Lay the client on the couch
  • Access the lashes & brows
  • Apply Step 1 & Step 2 lash lift/brow lamination lotions onto the crook of the arm
  • Apply Step 1 & Step 2 lotions behind an ear
  • Apply your chosen tint onto the crook of the arm & behind an ear
  • Patch testing needs to be completed 48hrs before any treatment

Consultation Form / Health & Safety

(These are available to download & print)

It is so important to fill out the above forms for every new client & client that has not had lash or brow treatments within 6 x months with you.

Please ensure you & your client sign this form for insurance purposes & what they have told you is correct as this could affect your insurance coverage if they have not signed & completed the above forms.

Make sure they understand that there is a maintenance requirement to keep their lashes looking fabulous & there will be an infill charge.

We recommend infill charges per hour 50% of the original price. (i.e £65 infill will be £32.50)

We recommend infills every 12 – 14 days.

Cleansing & Prepping Lashes & Brows

Using our Lash & brow foaming wash is a quick & easy way to ensure you have removed any grease & oily residues.

One pump is all you need, apply to the lashes or brows using one of our lash & brow cleansing brushes working in circular motions.

Remove using a damp cotton pad & blot dry with a tissue.

Now you are ready to start…

If you are doing eyelash extensions we recommend applying our Magic Primer to prep the lashes & restore the PH Balance before application.

Placement of 3D Premium Eyegel Pads

Eye gel pads are so important, not only to protect the bottom lashes they are also professional & more comfortable for the client than using micro-pore tape

They are also perfect for lash mapping as you can draw on these pads a template that would suit your individual clients.

What we recommend clients to do before attending their lash or brow appointments…

  • Remove contact lenses
  • Bring their glasses to wear post appointment
  • Arrive eye/brow makeup free
  • Use the bathroom
  • Leave plenty of time to ensure they arrive on time for their appointments

Aftercare Recommendations…

  • Avoid touching lashes or brows
  • Avoid contact with water for 48hrs
  • Avoid waterproof mascara
  • Only use a water based mascara on the bottom lashes
  • No picking or pulling of the lashes
  • Do not use lash curlers
  • Avoid eye or brow makeup for atleast 24hrs
  • No hot steamy saunas, facials or sunbeds for 48 hrs
  • Book their infill appoinment before they leave the salon
  • Recommend your client to cleanse their lashes every other day using our Foaming Lash & Brow wash
  • Retail the Foaming lash & brow wash, Brow defining brow balm soap & Brow brushes
  • Download & print free Pre & Aftercare

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