Eyelash Extension Eye Gel Pad – Comfort Vs Cost

As most of us eyelash technicians know using high-quality Eye Gel Pads is important!

Not only does it help speed up the eyelash extension or lash lifting application it also offers protection to the bottom lashes, ensuring the client’s eyes do not stick together or any lash lifting lotion seeps onto the bottom lashes.

Stickies can be quite alarming & irritating to clients & make their eyes water which can affect the bonding of the lash glue.

This will affect the longevity of the eyelash extensions. 

Eye Gel pads are a MUST when applying eyelash extensions/lash lifting offering; comfort, and protection & providing the perfect background for lash mapping. 

Micropore tape is often used by eyelash technicians as a way of reducing product costs. 

Eye Gel pads do come at a cost averaging from approx 60p to £1.20 per treatment which if you are not charging the correct price for your treatments you may be tempted to use micropore tape! 

We recommend comfort over cost every time!

As you are providing treatment & the client needs to feel comfortable throughout their eyelash extension or lash lifting treatment.

Remember charge what you’re worth…

“Nice lashes aren’t cheap, cheap lashes aren’t nice!”

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