Contraindications – Lash Mites


What is a Contraindication?

Many clients ask us Lash Techs & Beauty Therapists this question!

A Contraindication is a condition that can prevent treatment from going ahead!

Below is a serious contraindication to look out for, when doing your patch test & filling in your client’s health & safety consultation forms.

Contraindications to look out for……..


Lash mites can be found in hair follicles where they feed on dead skin cells.

Demodex follicurorum are the most common mites to be found in eyelashes, the mites feed off the dead skin around the eyelashes & eyelid area.

We all have tiny amounts of these mites, which can spread through contacts & even be transferable via animals.

Mites can cause skin conditions & be problematic & aggravate pre-existing skin conditions.

Lash mites are not visible to the naked eye, & are very tricky to diagnose without having seen the condition before.

We recommend that you advise your client to see their GP / doctor as many of us lash techs & beauty therapists are

not medically trained.

Symptoms of lash mites:

  • Itchiness in & around the eyelids & eyelashes
  • Scaly dry rough skin around the eye area
  • Sore red eyes
  • Stinging or burning sensation around the eyes
  • Flare-ups of skin conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema & Dermatitis
  • If the above symptoms are ignored, this could lead to a condition called Blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelids, creating crusty flaky dead skin around the eyelashes
  • If you ignore this condition it can lead to eyelash growth issues

Are lash mites contagious?

Yes, they are, they can spread from one infected contact to another very quickly.

Please ensure your salon health & safety procedures are in place at all times.

As cross-contamination can happen very easily.

Make sure you cleanse your tools & surfaces in-between clients & sterilise all of your salon tools daily.

Treatment for lash mites:

A biopsy of skin & oils from around the eyelid & lash area needs to be taken by your doctor & this will be looked at under a microscope, as Lash Mites cannot be seen with the naked eye.

If the biopsy results come back positive for Lash Mites, your doctor will prescribe a greasy medicated cream.

This medicated cream will catch the mites in it & stop eggs from hatching & prevent lash mites from spreading.

You can also dilute 50% of Tea Tree oil with 50% Water & cleanse the eye area with this solution, as this does help, but we do recommend you ask your clients to see their GP / doctor in the first instance.

Good Hygiene really is important to prevent Contraindications:

Never share cosmetics, mascara, or eye makeup.

Avoid oily products eye makeup & cosmetics on or near your lash extensions.

Cleanse your eyelash extensions carefully with our AHFrancis Foaming Brow & Lash Wash every other day.

Don’t pick or pull your eyelashes or lash extensions.

SEE YOUR GP / DOCTOR If any of the above symptoms persist as this Contraindication can cause Dry Eye Syndrom & may affect your long-term vision!

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