Want to become a Lash Technician?

Feedback from Professional eyelash technicians from day one…

At AHFrancis we speak to beauty therapists & lash technicians all day long – they share their highs & lows of being a lash tech with us.

Lots of positive feedback but also some negative, as In every job you are going to have your good & bad days & working in beauty can be highly challenging trying to manage your client’s expectations!

Many lash technicians dreamed of becoming a lash technicians from when they first started having eyelash extensions themselves, the most common statement we hear is:

it’s so easy to make money in very little time, with very little outlay

On our training days, they feel very different… frustrated, angry & useless. And realise it is not that easy & requires skill, practice & patience!

A checklist of things to consider before enrolling on an eyelash extension course…

  • Are you patient? … Applying eyelash extensions can be very tiresome & longwinded, so patience is key!
  • You need to have good eye-sight – Close-up, intricate work, really takes a tole on your eyesight & concentration levels
  • Posture – Good posture is really important, stretching throughout your appointments to ensure you look after your back & shoulders
  • Dexterity – Using both hands, holding the tweezers in each hand can be challenging, but practice will help with this
  • Confidence – We would say it takes about 30 x sets of lashes before you feel before you feel your confidence growing
  • Speed – It will take between 2.5 – 3.5 hours to do a set of eyelashe extensions when you first start out, don’t be alarmed or feel like a failure, an experienced lash technician will say it’s normal – everyone needs to practice to imporve their speed!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice is key – The more practice you have the quicker & more confident you will become
  • Get Accredited – Be professional & insured!

What comes after Accreditation?

  • Your first client – Every lash tech starts with their very first client! It is important to take your time, enjoy the treatment & put your practice to the test!
  • Word of mouth – We value WOM very much as lash techs as this often leads to new clients! Remember to thank your existing client for the recommendation.
  • Marketing your business – Create your social media presense & share your before & after pics of your latest work, this will become your online portfolio, build up a community with other lash techs & beauty fanatics to support eachother!
  • Ask for reviews – Do not be afraid to ask for feedback! Reviews are everything! Why not send your client a whatsapp message with a link to review you?
  • Job satisfaction – When your client leaves your room feeling fabulous & can’t thank you enough then you know you are onto a winner & there’s no better feeling!
  • Keep refreshed & up-to-date with the latest ever-changing trends – upskill & learn a new treatment for example if you are trained in eyelash extensions why not train in Brow Lamination & offer the two treatments as a duo?

We are always here to help you make the right choice either to train with us or another company, we just want you to succeed & enjoy being a part of the eyelash extension industry!

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